Yokomo Nissan 180SX 60FPS RC Drift Video

Drift Mission News Oct 4, 2015 0

We are proud to release our latest video work in glorious 60 frames per second!! Let us know what you think!! This is the Team Yokomo Nissan 180SX Body w/ The Maruma Body Kit. It is running on a... Read more

Junkies RWD RC Drift Video #113

Videos Oct 4, 2015 0

Another awesome video with sick tandems straight outta Japan. The video really shows the... Read more

RC OMG LP-BF07S Low Profile Servo

Electronics Oct 3, 2015 0

RC OMG provide legendary digital precision with high speed low profile servos. Previously only... Read more

DIY 1/10 Scale Styrene Workbench for RC Garage

DIY Oct 2, 2015 0

Have you been looking to create a workbench for your 1/10 scale diorama or... Read more

Pandora RC Toyota Probox

Drift Bodies Oct 1, 2015 0

Here comes another body from Pandora RC, the Toyota Probox. The body comes unpainted... Read more

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Pandora RC Toyota Probox
Here comes another body from Pandora RC, the Toyota Probox. The body comes unpainted with decals, masking, and accessories....
Pandora RC Nissan One-via 240SX ORIGIN Labo Kit
This is another new release from Pandora RC, the Nissan One-via 240SX with the ORIGIN Labo Body Kit. The...
Pandora RC Nissan Sileighty BN Sports (S13)
Pandora RC has released a new drift body, the Nissan Sil-Eighty. This 1/10 scale drift body is a combination...
Speedline 8 Spoke Wheels
New from Speedline come the 8 spoke RC Drifting wheels. These new wheels offer a fresh look that come...
MST GTR RC Drift Wheels
These are the latest wheels from our good friends at Max Speed Technology.  The MST GTR Wheels look amazing...
Overdose WORK XSA04C Limited Edition Wheels
The Overdose wheel series recently previewed at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon the WORK XSA04C wheels. The most impressive...
R31House GRK Global Standard RC Drift Chassis
This is R31House GRK Global Standard 1/10 Rear Motor 4WD Shaft Driven RC Drift Car Chassis Kit. This brand...
MST FSX-D VIP RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology continues to add another VIP chassis line-up, the FSX-D VIP. The VIP version of this chassis...
Weld Overdose Zekurosu XEX RC Drift Chassis
The XEX or “Zekurosu” is the latest RC Drift chassis from WeldxOverdose. This marks the third full chassis released...
Overdose Concept Aluminum Bulkhead for Drift Package
The LIMITED EDITION aluminum bulkhead was first introduced at the 2015 Shizuoka Hobby Show. The OD concept design is...
Addiction RC Design BN Sports S13 Kit
Addiction Design RC is back again with another amazing kit! The new Addiction S13 BN Sports Body Kit is...
Overdose Aluminum Wire Clamps
Overdose has announced some new aluminum wire clamps for blinging out your ride. These are ideal for clamping together...

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