3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift
The 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift front motor drift chassis has been officially announced. Look for it to be released at the end... 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift

The 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift front motor drift chassis has been officially announced. Look for it to be released at the end of August 2012. Breadcrumbs have already begun to make an appearance on the official 3 Racing store. This marks the 3rd full front motor RC drift chassis to hit the market and is expected to be the cheapest of the bunch. The 3 Racing Sakura series chassis are popular among budget minded enthusiasts. The chassis will come with 45 degree steering angle out of the box, and with the option parts will be capable of 53 degrees. It appears to have the integration of the Sakura FF and the Sakura XI, these pictures are of the official version. The chassis will retail for approximately $128.57USD to $135.06USD.

3Racing will have approximately 67 spare and option parts available for this chassis. To keep it stock or to fully “bling” it out with Pink Anodized Aluminum, the choice is yours. This looks to be a very promising chassis, especially at the very economical price range. The current Driftmission.com pole shows that this is the most anticipated upcoming chassis, please vote and let us know what you think!

3-Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift Sport Features

  • Front motor drift chassis
  • Designed for CS modified drift style
  • 3 belt driven chassis
  • Lateral battery position
  • Low profile design
  • Additional steering angle
  • Integrated rear diffuser
  • Many spare parts available
  • Multiple hop-up option parts

Approximate unassembled kit MSRP: $128.57USD
Approximate pre-assembled kit MSRP: $135.06USD

Here is a short video of the prototype 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Sport Drift Car by the people at RCMart.com

Source: 3 Racing
3 Racing D3 CS Drift Unassembled Kit
3 Racing D3 CS Drift Pre-assembled

DriftMission.com Staff

  • William Huynh

    Hm… which one to buy, Active Suspension link set or this chassis. =/ I’m torn between the two. So many great products this year. Not enough money.

    • Lol, that is always the case! Can never have enough toys 😉

  • finally….. hope it will be soon in my local market,,,, (^_^)

    • This should hit the international market very soon 😉

  • Shadow

    i think they need to improve the steering angle.

    • who knows, maybe they will improve it before release.

  • Pavel Shevchuk

    This will be at least the fourth motor-on-bumper chassis. TA03F, Active Hobby FR Drive, FS-01, now Sakura. Not the third one, unless you don’t count Active’s conversion

    • tamiya

      Fifth… if you count TA03F then you’ve got to count the new XV-01 too 😛 plus it’s shipping already.

      • TA03F counts, since they had a Drift Version of it. Did not count conversion kits and the XV-01 is rally spec rather than drift spec. That was our logic behind. Probably is a clone front motor by now….?? 😀

  • mark

    ive seen pics of a upgraded chassis from3 racing with 53* steering pretty nice

  • Chiefy707

    Anyone have an idea on a solid release date for this chassis? As much as I love my VDF, I cringe driving on some of these surfaces around here

    • Should be released this month or early Sept. They are currently taking pre-orders if you really want one!

  • For close up- building and a small steering angle modification. http://rc-prinsdrift.blogspot.com/2012/08/sakura-d3-cs-drift-prototype-building.html

  • Mr Thumpher

    i just prder one and im going to do a full build post on the fit and how well it works

  • SvenHD

    I wanna get back to rcdrift i have a cs ta05 now and i want something else. shall i buy a EG GRT ta05 conversion or this badboy? :/ and do someone have a review?

  • Hellraiser

    Seriously, I’m rather disappointed of 3Racing this time..They have done a very good job making the Zero, Zero S, F1 and XI….why tear it all down with this D3… It appairs to have a overdosed cs (2.32’ish), and makes it rather difficult to handle for noobs… It is very cheap to buy, and it appairs “cheap” from the box too… I’ve tried it for a couple of batterypacks and the front belt is allready turning into dust…it’s torn apart, and IF, or more correctly spoken, WHEN I have to swap the belt, I also have to purchase new lock-pins, and also new gears as well… It would have been much easier if they were using alu gears and set-screw instead of pins. Overall it’s a OK car, but it is still a bunch of small things and happenings that makes it rather irritating…..dont even call the included wheels for anything else than moulded crap! They’re not even round…if you want to draw an egg…U can surely use the Sakura D3 wheel as a model…you can also hear the belts climbing on the gearsides, and the tyres to the surface….tadadadadadadada….the most “cheap” sound…ever… GOOD LUCK who ever wants to buy it…..I got one for sale by the way…;)..

    • DriftMission

      Yeah I have driven one myself and you make some very valid points!

      Most people see the price tag and just jump in without knowing what its really about. With some hop-up parts it may become a pretty good chassis, but eventually the total cost would equal most well equipped chassis. It can be a pretty economical car for the budget minded drifters.

  • how can i buy it, if i live in moscow????

    • DriftMission

      Try online stores or try your local hobby store.