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MST AKM Aluminum Upright Kit
MST recently released new MST AKM Aluminum Uprights (Steering Knuckles) Kit. The uprights are designed for anyone seeking more steering related adjustments. There are more than 20 adjustable ackermann angle settings, 9 sets of kingpin inclination angle adjustments and 18 kingpin snaps from top to bottom. This option part is... Read more
MST has just announced their upcoming FXX-D 2WD Ready-to-Run chassis kit. The new kit is essentially the FXX-D S chassis with MST electronics (ESC, Motor, TX and RX) along with a painted body. This is geared at the beginners looking to get a full kit right into RWD RC Drifting.... Read more
MST Realistic RC Touring Car Tires
Max Speed Technology has been making RC Drift tires since they started. They have decided to add a new rubber tire to the collection of MST RC Touring Car/Rally Car Tires, the MST Realistic Rubber Tires. These tires are very similar to the HPI Racing T-Drift style RC Drift Tires... Read more
MST RRX-D VIP Unboxing & First Run Video
This is the all new Max Speed Technology RRX-D VIP RWD/2WD RC Drift Chassis. This video is showing the RRX-D VIP performance out of the box, the only change we made was to the gyro. Instead of the included version one LSD MST gyro, we opted for the upgraded LSD... Read more
MST Aluminum Brake Disc and Caliper Kit
MST recently released a new Aluminum Brake Disc and Caliper optional kit for their line-up of chassis. The new kit includes larger brake discs with a 6mm hex hub and matching sized red calipers. The caliper are made to be mounted on MST steering knuckles for optimal fitment. Included with... Read more
MST FSX-D VIP RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology continues to add another VIP chassis line-up, the FSX-D VIP. The VIP version of this chassis is 90% upgraded in comparison to the S version. This is the adaptation of the FXX chassis into a lateral motor setup. The drivetrain is a gear driven transfer system through... Read more
Toyota Supra RWD MST FXX-D VIP Video
Our newest video showing off one of the first bodies created by DriftMission on the RWD/2WD Max Speed Technology FXX-D VIP Chassis. This ride is also known as DK’s car from the RC Drift police chase series. We are testing out a new video camera for smoother shots, let us... Read more
Oxygen Alloy Short Battery Holder for Yokomo & MST Chassis
Are you looking to add more rear weight to your Max Speed Technology or Team Yokomo RC Drift chassis? This new adjustable alloy battery holder from Oxygen is made to work with the vast majority of Max Speed Technology and Team Yokomo RC Drift Chassis. Oxygen has shown they can... Read more