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MST FSX-D VIP RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology continues to add another VIP chassis line-up, the FSX-D VIP. The VIP version of this chassis is 90% upgraded in comparison to the S version. This is the adaptation of the FXX chassis into a lateral motor setup. The drivetrain is a gear driven transfer system through... Read more
Toyota Supra RWD MST FXX-D VIP Video
Our newest video showing off one of the first bodies created by DriftMission on the RWD/2WD Max Speed Technology FXX-D VIP Chassis. This ride is also known as DK’s car from the RC Drift police chase series. We are testing out a new video camera for smoother shots, let us... Read more
Oxygen Alloy Short Battery Holder for Yokomo & MST Chassis
Are you looking to add more rear weight to your Max Speed Technology or Team Yokomo RC Drift chassis? This new adjustable alloy battery holder from Oxygen is made to work with the vast majority of Max Speed Technology and Team Yokomo RC Drift Chassis. Oxygen has shown they can... Read more
MST RRX-D RWD Chassis Video
This new Max Speed Technology RRX-D looks smooth as butter! This could prove to be a very capable RWD competitor depending on the track surface. These will be going on sale around Mid-July 2015. Source: MST Read more
Rear Wheel Drive RC Drifting MST FXX-D VIP Video
Our latest video of the MST FXX-D VIP RWD chassis testing out the new Team Tetsujin SUPER RIMS and Oxygen Aluminum Shock Towers. Take a look at the Oxygen Aluminum Shock Towers here Check out our full review of the Team Tetsujin SUPER RIMS here __ Royalty Free Music by... Read more
RWD RC Drifting MST FXX-D VIP Video
This is the latest video of the MST FXX-D VIP! This chassis is now using the MST 2.0 Gyro instead of the previous stock model. The new gyro is much more responsive and smooth as butta! __ Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by Read more
MST GTR RC Drift Wheels
These are the latest wheels from our good friends at Max Speed Technology.  The MST GTR Wheels look amazing as do all of the MST wheel options.  They come in 6 different colour options and 4 offsets.  Each package comes in a set of 4 with nuts for $12.80 USD.... Read more
Oxygen Aluminum Shock Towers for MST RMX and FXX
Newly released from Oxygen are these amazing looking Aluminum Shock Towers made specifically for the Max Speed Technology RMX-D and FXX-D RC Drift Chassis. The new aluminum shock towers also increase the rigidity of the upper mount for your dampers, this will ensure the damper operate to optimal levels. They... Read more