Team Tetsujin Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R Body

This new body from Team Tetsujin has just been announced, and is now available. Another fantastic classic release from our friends at Team Tetsujin with the release of this 2000 GT-R with Liberty Walk kit. This is the latest RC Drift body to come from Team Tetsujin, and will be…

Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird Body

Another oldschool release from Pandora RC, The Datsun 510 Bluebird! Officially launched as the Datsun 1600 Bluebird series, this RC body revisits the old days of the Nissan/Datsun line-up. The Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird is a more evolved than the Datsun 1000, but still bears all the important traits…

Team Tetsujin Toyota JZX100 Mark II Body

This new body from Team Tetsujin has now been released. This is another fantastic looking RC Drift body to come from Team Tetsujin, and is a part of the Tetsujin VOICE Series Collection. The Toyota JZX100 MARK II Voice Series Body is one amazing looking VIP drifter. This body looks…

Kazama D-Link RC Nissan S15 Silvia Drift Body
Kazama Auto has been leaking images of a Nissan S15 Silvia for the last month. This new S15 looks uniquely differently that any others that are already in the RC Drift market. The new S15 appears to be a 3 piece polycarbonate body. This new drift body looks amazing!... Read more
Vertex RC Toyota Verossa RC Drift Body
Coming soon from Vertex RC, the Toyota Verossa RC Drift body. Inspired by the D1 version of the Verossa, this new Polycarbonate body will come fully detailed to reflect the 1:1 drift car. This 4 door sedan is very popular as it is the evolution of the famous Chaser... Read more
Nissan Cefiro A31 by Pandora RC
The Nissan Cefiro A31, another 4-door mid-size sedan when it first debut in 1989, it truly is a vintage sedan. These cars are now commonly found on many drift circuits where old vintage cars are used by many beginners and intermediate drifters as practice cars. Pandora RC is one... Read more
Nissan Laurel C35 by Pandora RC
The Nissan Laurel C35, a 4-door luxury sedan when it first debut in 1997. Now in 2011, these cars are more commonly found on many drift circuits where the V.I.P. drifters are gaining momentum. These cars are now being used everywhere in Japan for 1:1 drifting, and the trend... Read more
Drift Stage D-Like Nissan Silvia S14 Body
July 29 2011 Update: New pictures Drift Stage D-Like has done it again! They have just announced their brand new Nissan Silvia S14 Body. This body will be made in 3 parts; front bumper, rear bumper and body, for the the ultimate detailed looking Nissan Silvia S14. D-like is... Read more
RC Spice Toyota Cresta GX71 Body
RC Spice has announced their new 1:10 scale RC Drift body shell, the classic 1980s Toyota Cresta GX71 series car body. These cars are generally used for 1:1 drift cars in Japan by drifting enthusiasts. This is largely due to the FR setup of the car and because they... Read more
RC-ART Type 1 Aero Spoiler
RC-ART has just released an set of new stylish rear spoiler. Designed specifically for 1:10 scale RC, the Type 1 Aero Spoiler is available for 190mm and 200mm RC drift bodies. The new rear spoiler is not only stylish but also designed to perform. It will be height adjustable... Read more
Tamiya Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R
The Nissan GT-R, fielded by the UK-based Sumo Power to compete in the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship, now comes on the fun-to-drive TT-01 Type-E Chassis. Great for any beginners looking to get into touring car. It would also be appealing to anyone wanting to get into the RC... Read more