Max Speed Technology RMX 2.0 S RC Drift Chassis

The newly revised Max Speed Technology RMX 2.0 S RC Drift Chassis is the successor of the RMX-D VIP. This chassis was meticulously designed to enable easy-control for both experienced and beginners. It features the anti-torque configuration succeeded by the RMX-D VIP design. To increase the acceleration force and lateral…

MST FXX-D 2WD RTR Kit Version 2

MST has just announced their newly revised version 2 FXX-D 2WD Ready-to-Run chassis kit. The new version of the popular FXX-D RTR Kit has some deserved updates out of the box. These new changes include the addition of a Futaba Servo, New Steering System for Improved Steering/Ackermann Angle, Revised Deck…

Overdose Vacula II RWD RC Drift Chassis

The new Overdose Vacula II is a rear midship mounted chassis, very similar to the Tamiya TA-06. The first version of the Overdose Vacula was a Countersteer RC Drift Chassis, the Vacula II comes with RWD in mind. This car has been uniquely designed by Weld Overdose for better suspension…

Max Speed Technology XXX-D S RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology has now released the XXX-D Type S Version Chassis. This 1/10 shaft driven chassis is the economical version of the popular XXX-D HT chassis. This is a fantastic option for anyone looking to get started or is on a budget. Overall reduction in aluminum to minimize... Read more
Max Speed Technology FSX-D S Chassis
Max Speed Technology continues to add to the the growing RWD chassis line-up. The latest edition is the FSX-D S aimed at budget oriented RC Drifters looking for front motor RWD setup. The new motor position is a lateral setup (similar to the FS-01D) rather than the FXX in... Read more
Max Speed Technology FXX-D S IFS Chassis
Max Speed Technology FXX-D Type S IFS is the latest revised MST RWD drift chassis. Based on the FXX-D VIP chassis, this is the budget equivalent with inboard front suspension. We expect this to come on the market in a few weeks, it will be interesting to see how... Read more
3Racing Prototype RC Drift Chassis
3Racing has announced a new mid motor RC Drift chassis that will feature 4WD and RWD capabilites. The 3 Racing Sakura D3 series chassis are popular among budget minded enthusiasts, and offer lots of options for full upgrading. These photos are direct from 3Racing and the chassis looks a... Read more
Overdose Black Edition Vacula RC Drift Chassis
Overdose is releasing a special edition of their Vacula RC Drift Chassis. This new limited edition chassis features black anodized aluminum and the famous tribal OD SSG chassis plates. The Overdose Vacula is a rear midship mounted chassis, very similar to the Tamiya TA-06. It is expected to come... Read more
Eagle Racing TT02 FRD Rear Wheel Drive Chassis
The Rear Wheel Drive movement continues to grow with another contribution from Eagle Racing. The new chassis utilizes the TT-02 chassis as a base while incorporating the already successful Wrap-up Next FR-D RWD Drift chassis. Eagle Racing has just introduced their TT-02 FRD Rear Wheel Drive chassis. This chassis... Read more
Team Associated Apex Scion FR-S RTR RC Drift Chassis
The Apex Scion FR-S is the newest addition from Team Associated’s Qualifier Series. Built on the all-wheel-drive Apex chassis, the Scion Racing GReddy FR-S replica comes fully assembled and Ready-to-Run with factory-installed Reedy brushless power, including a Reedy WolfPack 6-cell battery wired with a High Current T-Plug. Additional features... Read more
Yokomo Drift Package Imadoki α
The Drift Package Imadoki α chassis is the last release from Yokomo in 2014. This is upgraded from the traditional Drift Package Basic to update it for modern RC Drifting standards. Complete with a double deck Silver Surface Graphite (SSG) chassis and functional upgrades, this chassis has effectively increase... Read more