RC Drift DIY Section

We have now added a brand new section to DriftMission.com that features do it yourself projects to help you pimp your ride and more! These DIY projects can provide added performance to your chassis or show you how to create your own 1/10 scale gas pump. We will be adding…

DriftMission.com Forum Engine Bay Giveaway
Congratulations skr8pn!! You have been chosen as the winner of our draw! Check your inbox for a message from us! Thanks everyone who entered! We are going to be announcing some new contests in the coming days stay tuned! Contest now closed! With the launch of our new... Read more
DriftMission.com 1/10 Scale Pit Flags Pre-Order
DriftMission is proud to announce the upcoming release of our first product made in partnership with our friends at Team Tetsujin! These new 1/10 Scale Pit Flags are similar to the Team Tetsujin pit flags however these feature DriftMission.com 🙂 The 1/10 scale pit flags will add a new... Read more
Happy Holidays to All!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you who have made DriftMission.com your home for RC drifting! We have seen a lot of cool new products and manufacturers enter the RC drift market this year. Our staff have been working hard this year to bring you the latest... Read more
Max Speed Technology XXX-D VIP Build
Although the chassis comes assembled, we always disassemble and rebuild it (This is not recommended unless you are confident in re-assembly) the kit does not come with assembly instructions. The carbon fiber parts were all treated with CA glue. This chassis comes 90% loaded with options parts. MST did... Read more
DriftMission.com User Forums Launch
DriftMission is proud to announce our all new user discussion boards. Come and share your knowledge, works, setups and learn from some of the best RC Drift experts around. Over the last 2 years we had many requests from visitors like you asking us to start a forum. To... Read more
DriftMission.com RC Drift Stickerbomb Version 2
Thank you to everyone who submitted their images to be included in this second version of our stickerbomb image. We couldn’t of made it without you! Some images were excluded as they did not meet the minimum requirements. We have been asked many times where to find a stickerbomb... Read more
RCMart.com 11th Anniversary Crazy Sale
RCMart has been around for 11 years now, and to celebrate they are having an 11 day sale with 11 different items! The sale began on October 11th, and will continue until October 22nd. We have already seen some great deals!! We have ordered numerous items from RCMart.com and... Read more
DriftMission.com RC Drift Stickerbomb V2 Update
We are now in the process of updating the DriftMission.com RC Drift stickerbomb image, this time we are looking for your help! If you want your RC Drift team or community added this time around now is your chance 🙂 Simply fill out the form below and send us... Read more