Overdose x Acuvance Factory Spec Brushless Motor Ver. 2

Another edition of the Overdose x Acuvance partnership to produce an evolved version of the Factory Tuned Spec. Brushless motor. The brushless motor is designed based on the high performance Acuvance Luxon BS Dual motor. These new motors are available in 2 types in 9.5T or 10.5T features unique Overdose…

RC OMG LP-BM10S Low Profile Digital Servo

RC OMG speaks digital precision with high speed low profile servos. Previously only available in an anodized central colored bands. The LP-BM10S low profile Servo is a powerful, high speed and precise digital servo. This version of the servo has changed the height of the servo ears for a more…

RC OMG 540 EPIC Brushless Motor

New RC OMG EPIC Brushlesss sensored motor is the latest addition to their electronics lineup. These new motors are a 540 sized brushless motor with adjustable timing for sensored/sensorless RC applications. The Epic 540 Series motor feature a 12.5mm rotor providing the power and torque needed for drifting. The rotor…

Speed Passion Reventon Pro Brushless ESC Series
Speed Passion Introduces the All New Reventon Pro Brushless ESC Series Industry Leading Innovative Brushless System. This new high-end brushless ESC “Reventon-Pro” is made for Competition. Speed Passion earned a second consecutive IFMAR World Championship in 2008, 2010. The new Pro has adopted the “ESC intercooler system” of the... Read more
Xtra Speed Battery Charger
Xtra Speed Charger Li-Po 6A-50W Balance Charger / Discharger (AC/DC). This is a complete charging package for LiPo, LiOn, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd, Pb Batteries! This charger is AC/DC compatible so it can be plugged into a wall outlet using the included power supply or powered from your car battery... Read more
Xtra Speed 2.4G Radio Kit
Are you still using an old AM/FM radio to drift your ride? Get with the times! Xtra Speed has revealed a new 2.4GHZ Xtra Speed 3 Channel Radio Kit. Any budget minded hobbyist will be surprised to find out this package is bursting out with value. You will get... Read more
MST MS-01D RTR RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology recently released a Ready-to-Run (RTR) version of the MS-01D chassis. MST made its first appearance in 2011 with the MS-01D chassis. The chassis has been very well received by the RC Drift community. Now MST has prepared the MS-01D RTR Kit for the beginners out there... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Heat Wrap and Protector Film
Two new product announcements from Wrap Up Next, these products are designed to keep your motor cooler and protect your chassis and bodies. The Wrap UP heat wrap is made for most standard sized brushless motors, and has already sold out. These are now available as pre-order only until... Read more
Speed Passion Reventon Brushless ESC Series
Speed Passion Introduces the All New Reventon Brushless ESC Series Industry Leading Innovative Brushless System. The current world champion title holder and the fastest speed controller on the market is getting better, smaller, and more refined to continue leading the R/C industry in speed controller technology. Speed Passion is... Read more
Sanwa M12 Radio Control
Sanwa has just announced the replacement for the popular M11x radio control. The new M12 remote adds a few new features and has significantly reduced the overall weight of the controller. The new additions for the Sanwa M12 are LiPo Battery, 4WS Mixing, The integration of sensors for throttle,... Read more
Active Hobby Carbon Cooling Fan Protector
Active Hobby carbon cooling fan protector covers. The carbon covers provide protection for any cooling fans that may be exposed to human contact or large debris. Cooling is essential in the operation of all the electronics in an RC Drift chassis. These new carbon protectors help keep any wires... Read more