Overdose x Acuvance Factory Spec Brushless Motor Ver. 2

Another edition of the Overdose x Acuvance partnership to produce an evolved version of the Factory Tuned Spec. Brushless motor. The brushless motor is designed based on the high performance Acuvance Luxon BS Dual motor. These new motors are available in 2 types in 9.5T or 10.5T features unique Overdose…

RC OMG LP-BM10S Low Profile Digital Servo

RC OMG speaks digital precision with high speed low profile servos. Previously only available in an anodized central colored bands. The LP-BM10S low profile Servo is a powerful, high speed and precise digital servo. This version of the servo has changed the height of the servo ears for a more…

RC OMG 540 EPIC Brushless Motor

New RC OMG EPIC Brushlesss sensored motor is the latest addition to their electronics lineup. These new motors are a 540 sized brushless motor with adjustable timing for sensored/sensorless RC applications. The Epic 540 Series motor feature a 12.5mm rotor providing the power and torque needed for drifting. The rotor…

Keyence Tachyon Airia Electronic Speed Controller
Keyence has introduced a new version of their popular Tachyon brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). The new series is called the Tachyon Airia, which utilizes the important components from the previous Tachyon series ESC’s. It still features the patented “HTRS” cooling system, high efficiency MOSFET 24 transistors, and fully... Read more
Active Hobby Aluminum Heat Sink Backplate
Just announced by Active Hobby Japan comes the Aluminum Heat Sink Backplate for Keyence Luxon & KG series motors. These aluminum backplate motor covers help to dissipate heat more effectively. They come in 8 different colours, and weigh 5.4g. The MSRP on these is ¥ 2000 and are expected... Read more
Active Hobby Aluminum Wire Clamps
Active Hobby has announced some new aluminum options for release this month. The latest are wire clamps, ideal for clamping together the the wires from brushless motor systems. The aluminum wire clamp is designed for 12 and 14 gauge wires. The clamps effectively holds the 3 wires from a... Read more
Hot Bodies/HPI Electronic Speed Controller
Looks Hot Bodies/HPI Racing has a new electronic speed controller (ESC) in development. Currently being tested by Hot Bodies professional driver Andy Moore. There is no official specifications or information about this esc yet. We suspect new ESC will be a 60A with sensor based operation, the new ESC... Read more
Keyence Luxon KG Series Brushless Motors
Keyence is well known for providing top quality electronics, these Luxon KG series brushless sensored motors offer the ultimate performance. Achieves an increase in output efficiency through its specialized structure, it offers stable motor control performance with high-performance bearings and low cogging torque which are common features of the... Read more
Ko Propo EX-1 KIY Transmitter
Ko Propo has just introduced their next generation transmitter. The new Ko Propo EX-1 K.I.Y. transmitter will be a Kustomize-It-Yourself design. The first radio to feature a fully customized design where the user has full control of what they want. Here is the official release of the Ko Propo... Read more
Team Novak Drift Spec Brushless System
Team Novak has long been known for providing quality ESC’s & motors. Since the days of the SLYDR brushless systems were available many wondered when we would see a replacement from Novak. Today Team Novak announced the all new “Drift Spec” brushless drifting system. This is a 13.5T brushless... Read more
Active Hobby Aluminum Servo Shell
Active Hobby now has aluminum servo shells to further “Bling” out your chassis. The new servo cover dresses up your drift chassis. This will not have any effect on performance, but does add more aesthetics to your chassis. Read more