Yeah Racing x DarkDragonWing 1/10 RC Drift Steering Wheel

Check out this amazing servo actuated steering wheel made by Yeah Racing in collaboration with YouTuber DarkDragonWing! As you can see from the photos and video below this kit will enable you to get that full scale steering wheel action. The kit includes three different mounting options to fit a…

Yokomo Aluminum Center Drive Cups for YD-4

This new aluminum center drive cup kit from Team Yokomo is made specifically for the new YD-4 RC Drift chassis. The new optional aluminum center drive cup are made of lightweight high-precision aluminum. The aluminum has been subjected to a hard coat treatment to minimize wear and tear. Team Yokomo…

Team Tetsujin Selection Light System

Team Tetsujin has released a new innovative RC Drift Lighting System called the Selection Light System (SLS). This SLS light kit provides the ability to customize your lighting based on your personal preference. The SLS kit features the ability to swap out LEDs with different colors, but it does require…

Overdose Aluminum Type 2 Motor Mount for Yokomo DP
Weld Overdose has announced the Type 2 updated aluminum motor mount for the Yokomo Drift Package! The Type 2 Aluminum Motor Mount has been improved to provide better performance and adjustment. This is designed by Overdose to add greater rigidity and style. This motor mount also makes for easy... Read more
MST Curved Steering Rack Set for XXX-D
Max Speed Technology has introduced a new curved sliding steering rack set for the MST XXX-D chassis. This is an upgrade to change the conventional swinging or straight sliding steering design to a curved sliding rack. This new curved sliding system allows for smoother and greater accuracy with minimal... Read more
Onisiki Aluminum RC Drift Gyro
The all new aluminum Onisiki RC Drift & F1 Gyro looks pretty damn good and this is the latest option available. The CNC anodized outter shell is engraved with the Oniski Logo to give extra protection to the circuit board. The gyro gain is adjustable from both the gyro... Read more
Max Speed Technology RMX-D Aluminum IFS Conversion Kit
Max Speed Technology RMX-D Aluminum IFS Conversion Kit has now arrived for anyone with an RMX-D looking to change over to the aluminum IFS suspension. We are very interested to see how well the IFS works on the RMX-D chassis, if anyone has completed the conversion let us know... Read more
Overdose Adjustable Aluminum Suspension Arms
New from Overdose come adjustable aluminum front suspension arm set. New smart design avoids interference with the wheel at large steering angles, additionally redesigned is the mounting method of the damper. The new damper pivot ball position enables the application of the correct lever ratio while reducing the interference... Read more
P!PES LED and Exhaust Pipe Backfire Units
Have you been looking to add a backfire effect to your RC Drifter? PIPES has you covered with this great assortment of pipes with backfire LED units already for action! This LED based backfire system for your RC car simulates the effect of a real backfire like you may... Read more
Oxygen Top Mount Motor for Mark I Sakura D4
Oxygen has a new Top Mount Motor Mount for the 3 Racing Sakura D4 / Mark 1 chassis. This new upgrade is a bolt-on option part for your first generation Sakura D4 owners. The motor mount shifts the motor to an upper position above the rear differential, effectively shifting... Read more
Usukani Rear Suspension Arms and Knuckles
Usukani has just announced a new fully adjustable rear aluminum suspension arms and knuckles set. The new knuckle and arm design adopts the WUN VX rear suspension design to direct the damper to interface directly with the rear knuckle. Usukani has gone a step further by placing additional rows... Read more