Team Tetsujin Lexus RC-F Body in Action

This amazing video comes from one of our favorite YT channels for RC Drifting – DriftMania RC – Mikasu Works.  The new Team Tetsujin Lexus RC-F looks great running around on this track.  Let us know what you think in the comments below! For more information on the new Team Tetsujin…

Burnout Demon S15 RC Drift Smoke Generator Video

This is our second video showcasing the amazing Burnout Demon RC Drifting Smoke Machine. As you can see from this video clearly the smoke stops when the throttle is off, this is adjustable depending on your SMOKESHOW.  We can’t get enough of the Burnout Demon as it amps up the…

DriftMission HPI Racing Rocket Bunny Boss V2 S14 Video

The HPI Racing Boss S14 V2 body has got to be one of the most sought after bodies of 2016. They have been sold out pretty much ever since they went on sale and it’s no surprise after seeing this in person. The workmanship on this body is outstanding. All…

RWD RC Drift MST MS 01-D Video
RWD RC Drifting the MST MS-01D VIP Short Wheel Base with some much needed upgrades to the steering. The new IFS suspension was a large part of the upgrade. The body is the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 Taisan, it is a used body we picked up with the chassis.... Read more
MST MS-01D RWD RC Drift Chassis Video
This is a new DriftMission custom MST MS-01D Short Wheel Base RWD chassis featuring the Oxygen Aluminum Rear Battery Holder and the all new Speedline 8 Spoke Wheels with Speedline CG Tires! As you can see in the video the chassis could benefit from more angle and tuning… The... Read more
Junkies RWD RC Drift Video #116
More sick tandems straight outta Japan, the skills of drivers are evident and the track details are spectacular. The details of the track and the cars really stand out above many others seen on Youtube. These guys really know what they are doing, check out the video! Read more
oneTEN Drift Network RC Drift Demo at Sacramento Auto Show 2015
Our good friends at oneTEN Drift Network held another edition of the “Catch My Drift” event @ the 2015 Sacramento International Auto Show. Driftmission is a proud sponsor of this event, and as you can see from the video and photos it was a fantastic event and venue once... Read more
D-Like RE-R Hybrid RWD RC Drift Video
Looks like Drift Stage D-like has a RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) version of the RE-R Hybrid chassis coming soon. More to come once the details of this kit is released, but check out the video in the meantime. Looks like this will be on of those high performance RWD... Read more
MST RRX-D VIP Unboxing & First Run Video
This is the all new Max Speed Technology RRX-D VIP RWD/2WD RC Drift Chassis. This video is showing the RRX-D VIP performance out of the box, the only change we made was to the gyro. Instead of the included version one LSD MST gyro, we opted for the upgraded... Read more
1/10 Scale Toyota Hilux RWD RC Drifting in 4K
Check out the latest DM video of the Street Jam Toyota Hilux 1/10 Scale body. This is running on the Max Speed Technology FXX-D VIP RWD RC Drift chassis. We are testing out the 4K UHD resolution! Let us know what you think!! __ Royalty Free Music by BEN... Read more
Yokomo Nissan 180SX 60FPS RC Drift Video
We are proud to release our latest video work in glorious 60 frames per second!! Let us know what you think!! This is the Team Yokomo Nissan 180SX Body w/ The Maruma Body Kit. It is running on a Yokomo/Overdose DRB RC Drift Chassis with a CS Ratio of... Read more