Eagle Racing R31 Conversion Kit Eagle Racing R31 Conversion Kit

Eagle R31 Conversion Review by Mirko


The following review was submitted to us by a fellow DriftMission.com reader who represents RC Drifting in Italy with his very own TEH-R31 with Eagle Racing R31 Conversion Kit. Here is what Mirko had to say about the conversion kit.

The OTA-R31 or TEH-R31 clone chassis is the entry level CS chassis for excellence, because in experts hands it could become a nice drift car to compete on track. But if you want more by your car, Eagle Racing have the solution! This kit trasforms the nice balance of the R31 in an even better that gives more oversteer with less CS ratio.

Conversion Kit Impression

All of the carbon is of good quality: no splinters or burrs, the only fact is that some counterbores under the chassis are of a few thousandths of a millimeter less deep than it should, and some screws are not exactly flush with the chassis. Then, the frame is 4 mm thick, as well as everything else and yet it remains a little ‘flexibility.
Eagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by Mirko

The Review
Overall Chassis Build Process
Just take your time and pay attention to the diagrams, good quality chassis builds depend on your attention to detail. The aluminum gives a feeling of being less “solid” than than that by R2H (maybe the quality are in different leagues) but instead is very light and stiff. All the holes are precise and all the screews fix without problems.
Eagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by Mirko
Some driving consideration:
The rigid chassis has much less traction so, the drive become more precise even if the car is more nervous and sensible.
I think that worth it if you are expert drivers that want a car most scope for the competition like,if I must do a comparison,VDF (that remains better for the vertical upperdeck)

Overall Quality of the Conversion Kit
I would start by saying that the build is quite good (well, not great, as we shall see later, however, for 60USD the price / quality ratio is high)
Eagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by Mirko

Overall this is another excellent conversion kit from Eagle Racing, this will be sure to bring the TEH-R31 chassis to another level. DM staff have had experience with many Eagle Racing products in the past, so we are confident that this will be just as good. You are able to find this conversion kit on sale for roughly $60USD from BroadTech HK. With everything that is included in the conversion kit you won’t regret converting your existing clone TEH-R31 into a more balanced and upgraded RC drift machine.
Eagle R31 Conversion Review by MirkoEagle R31 Conversion Review by Mirko

Additional Information:

Eagle Racing R31 GRT Conversion Kit Contents:

  • 4mm Carbon main chassis with pre-assembled aluminium battery stand mount and 2 aluminium upperdeck supports
  • Carbon battery stand plates with blue clips (4mm)
  • Carbon upper deck (4mm)
  • Rear carbon damper stay (4mm)
  • Front carbon damper stay (4mm)
  • Includes fastening hex screws necessary to mount the kit

Countersteer Modifications

  • 2.3 CS ratio
  • 39T Front one-way
  • 13T Centre one-way
  • 17T Center front
  • 16T Center rear
  • 20T Rear center
  • 27T Solid axle

Some videos of the chassis in action:

(R31 is Pink Aristo)

Post any questions or comments below!
This product review was brought to you by Mirko Tomassi AKA Er Bestia in Rome, Italy

  • Er Bestia

    thanks to share it,hope to be usefull πŸ˜‰

  • vgeorge

    So, i want to buy a new drift chassis.
    Now i have an xray t2 but i feel like i need something else.
    My questions is: which one to get?I want to make a complete chassis from eargle racing online shop.
    So which one?should i get the ta-05 versios or the R31?
    I want to make them from 0.
    Thank you.

    • It really depends on which battery position you like. also 2belt drive vs 3belt drive. I have never driven an R31 so i cannot tell you much about it. I do own a ER TA05 and it performs quite well.

      • Er Bestia

        I think that r31 belt system permise to change faster CS rateo;
        For the other things there isn’t objective difference that means a chassis is better,depends on your tastes (principally on balance,more advanced in the r31)!

  • artica

    This is a great chassis. here’s my Secret CS Drift setup for the R31 Chassis with 140%

  • Pavel

    Hey. Tell me please: the size of the compartment under the battery. I am interested in putting there battery 49mm wide?

    • Unfortunately we do not own this specific chassis, this review was submitted by a frequent visitor of DM. They should fit generic battery sizes tho.

    • Er Bestia

      the wide is about 50mm,so it should fit πŸ˜‰

      • Pavel

        Please say me max leght=)

        • Er Bestia

          max leight is about 140mm πŸ˜‰

  • Pavel

    Can you please give a contact that person.

  • Er Bestia