Hot Bodies TCX Build by Murdock

The Hot Bodies TCX is the ultimate in refinement of HPI/Hot Bodies touring car race development! Like 1:1 drifting I decided to take the best race chassis, and convert it for drifting. This was my very first build thread that I posted on The build was very fun, each aluminum piece was nicely done in purple. The plastic parts felt like quality. Maybe it was the cost of the kit that made me think that. I paid approximately $400 for the rolling chassis, and no it did not come with wheels. Overall it took me 6 hours to get the build finished. Hope you enjoy the pics and my experience.

The Box and Bags:

And Now the Build. I recommend using a high quality allen driver rather then L shaped allen wrench.

Bag A:

Bag B:
Setting up for DRIFT? TCX Chassis comes with Solid front axle and Ball Diff rear. Swap the front with the back and you are set for drift out of the box!

Bag C:

Bag D:

Bag E:

Bag F:



Bag G:



Bag H (Complete Chassis):

The Body (HPI Subaru #7399):

More complete chassis pics.

Review to come…

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