Another saga…. The Tamiya TA05 platform is such a great car. Then came the VDF… The OG blue one. I love my blue VDF, so I had to get this one when it came out. I have been sitting on a unopened box since the beginning of 2011. The gold bulk heads were finally released in late June, but I’m still hoping the release a gold colored front one way… Wishful thinking, but that what people said about gold bulkheads. I took my time sourcing some parts before the build. Set it up to be born as a Countersteer (CS) car!

The Build:
The box and Hop Up parts!

The nice colored coded parts bags! Gotta love Tamiya.

Bag A

Steering Rack wiper style.

Optional Gold Bulk Heads from Tamiya.

Optional Aluminum diff housing from Tamiya.

Bag B

Running front 16t/18t rear. Waiting for 20T for the rear.

The largest spur out of the 3 supplied with the kit.

Bag C

3racing Aluminum disc brake hex hubs.

Bag D

Limited Edition TB Evo 5 smoke body post and bumper braces from Tamiya.

Wheels are HPI Work Emotions 3mm offset striped of chrome and painted Gold!

Completed Chassis!

Stock Steering Angle…

Outside shots!

The Review:
The build took me about 4 hours…. I think I got chassis building down to a science. The fit and finish of Tamiya kits are the best in the industry, only rivaled by Yokomo. I found the extra parts especially the e-clips when I was building the shock very key, some were lost but luckily the kit included two extra. The TRF shocks are amazing, but the stock spring are less desirable. I decided not to run droop screw on the rear arms, but ran factory droop on the front end. I know how the chassis will handle so I know its going to be a fun car to drive. Great thing about VDFs you can find parts all over the interwebs. I definitely recommend this car for beginners. Yes it is not cheap, but why by a lesser car and upgrade when you can start of with the illest!

by Murdock


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