Tamiya TA-05 VDF by Murdock

Tamiya’s TA05VDF limited edition uber high end drift spec chassis! I was very fortunate to be able to obtain this chassis back when it was first released. I staged my build into sections as it took me a couple days to get it all finished. Total build time was about 5-6 hours. I purchased it new from Much Hobby in Canada, and got it shipped for about $400. I purchased almost all the hop ups available. Here is my journey!

Stage 1 (Unboxing & CA glue prep):

The Electronics

Super glue on the edges of Carbon Fiber pieces. I recommend using CA glue that does not leave fog. I used the type that does leave fog after it dries. ZAP CA glue for rubber tires does not fog.

Stage 2 (The build):
Preparing to assemble.

Bag A

(Carbon Damper Stays front and rear 53845 & 53846, Aluminum Bulkheads front and rear 53990 x2 used)

Bag B

Continued… Bag C

Bag C

Bag D

(Limited Edition TB EVO 5 Clear Blue Bumper Set 49398 used)

Rolling chassis waiting for electronics.

I used the factory Tamiya thread lock with all main chassis bolts/screws expect drive train screws. The build was super fun took about 5 hours. Tamiya is one of the best in the industry for instructions and quality of materials used in kits. I was a little bummed that I had to purchase aluminum bulkheads and carbon damper stays separately, but the look/performance is UBER awesome. I even got a Blue Lipo to match. Picture don’t do this chassis justice.

Stage 3 (Electronics):
The chassis is finished with all electronics!

Stock steering lock

Continued… Stage 4 Hop-up Parts

Stage 4 (Hop up parts):
Mounted some Tamiya Stabilizer bars. Most likely I will remove the front one, but I installed both for now. They do look really nice installed. Here are some pics.

More blingy aluminum tid bits for the VDF.

Front one way installed. Looks sick!

Rear 3 degree suspension mount bar.

Overall the build was fun! Still to date my favorite drift chassis.
Look for the chassis settings in the garage section along with video of the VDF in action!


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