Team Academy STR-4 Pro II Build By Murdock

Can you make any touring car chassis into a drift machine? I have to say YES! So to go away from the norm I got a unique but familar touring car layout. Most well known RC cars are made in Japan or American brands. I sourced one from Korea. I wanted to build up something way different then what everyone runs, and found the only touring car Academy released couple years back. Academy is known for their models, and off road RCs. The chassis is somewhat old, but has many of the feature I like for drifting. Full carbon chassis with top and bottom deck carbon fiber, comes out of the box with front one way, easy to lock the diff without any modifications, very nice adjustable shocks, fully adjustble turn buckles for camber, and shaft drive for more solid throttle response. You can purchase the STR-4 Pro II from MRC in Jersey. Here is a link for the chassis.

Stage 1: Un-boxing
Opening the box

Novak Havoc 2s

Stage 2: The Build!

Bag A

Front One-way

Bag B

Assembled rear ball diff without the diff balls. The locking nut is made of aluminum so it can be tighten down harder then most. The rear axle is now completely locked without any glue, JB weld, and/or other methods.

Bag C

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Bag D

Bag E

Full ball bearing steering system!

Bag F

Bag G

Bag H

Bag I

Completed Chassis

Lines drawn for cutting. Bumper is HUGE! ROFL

Steering Angles

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Stage 3: Hop-ups
Got some nice Academy brand hop up components for the STR. Silver carbon shock for the damper stays, and the battery strap!

Center one way installed onto diff, and ready for installation onto the chassis.

Weights added to balance side to side weight distribution.

Silver carbon damper stay

Aluminum spur gear holder

Silver carbon battery strap

Bumper trimmed, and ready for body

Peep it!

Locking the Rear Diff
Locked the rear diff with JB weld and crazy glue. Here are my steps of locking rear ball diff:
1. Start with new ball diff that has not touched grease.
2. Crazy glue the big flat washers with the semi slot in the middle to the out-drives. Wait for it to dry.
3. Assemble center bearings into the out-drives and ready for assembly.
Not the loose balls. Only the center cassette bearing.
4. Mix JB weld, and apply even coat on the inside where the ball bearings would sit. Make sure you cover all cracks and crevasses.
5. Assemble it all together according to manual. Use the bolt but don’t run the ball bearings in the trust bolt, and just use the washers. If you have a cassette bearing for trust bolt you may want to dab some JB weld on it.
6. Tighten everything down, while making sure the out-drive slots are lined up. Make sure to tighten is down good, because the JB weld could take up some space in there. Make sure you squeeze all excess JB weld out.

Washers glues to out-drives

JB Weld seeping out just a tad bit

Make sure you clean all excess JB weld from the bevel gear

Let it set for 24 hours

Thanks for Checking it out!

by Murdock

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