I have always considered the Yokomo DRB as the holy grail of RC Drift chassis. I think it’s mainly because the price that intimidates people from purchasing one, and also the rumors of it being the “best” drift chassis. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to get the limited release of the Yokomo Hyper Edition SSG DRB. The kit cost me with some hop up parts a little over $800USD. I was evaluating on how much I spent on my VDF and I spent more on my blue VDF with full hop ups then the SSG DRB out of box. The DRB comes with everything you need to have a top of the line drift platform. There are not many hop up parts to buys it pretty much comes with everything such as aluminum rear axle, aluminum front differential, and blue aluminum lovely pieces everywhere. So let’s get on with the build and my review.
I built this kit very excited to see how far along Yokomo kits have come along since the BD4. Instructions wise it’s pretty much the same. The level of quality in the parts themselves that got nicer. The fit and finish is slightly higher quality than that of Tamiya kits. The front motor mount and steering rack is completely unique to Yokomo. Good job Yok! With all this talk about fakes, clones, and knock offs on many community forums. I think going for genuine brand is the best (Thumbs Up)! I took some pics along the way as I built it with my Team member Dave. It took me 4 hours to get the roller fully assembled.

Bag 1:

Bag 2:

Bag 3:

Bag 4:

Bag 5:

Bag 6:

Bag 7:

Bag 8:

Bag 9: Skipped – Waiting for Servo

Bag 10:


Bag 11:

Bag 12:

Bag 13:

Bag 14:

Steering Angles

Finished rolling chassis!

Outside shots!!

Thank you for checking it out

Murdock – PR Manager

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