Exstreme Sport AE86 Body Kit
Just announced from Italy comes the AE86 Body Kit by Exstreme Sport Body Kits! Each kit is suitable for HPI AE86 Levin / Trueno (hatchback or coupe, doesn’t matter), but with simple mods can be fit on other AE86 brands, or even completely other car (currently I’m fitting it... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Toyota AE86 Levin RC Drift Body
Latest body from Wrap-Up Next, the Toyota AE86 Levin RC Drift Body! This body will be released in May 2013, this is definitely looking good! The body comes with light buckets, rear bumper, REAL 3D decals, decals and masks. They are offering 2 versions of this body, the early... Read more
Demi Works RC Body Rear Wings
Demi Works is back with his latest creation of the ducktail rear wing for AE86/S13/Onevia, order now before they are sold out again This is another exciting release for DriftMission.com visitors! Demi Works aka Demi76 who you may have seen featured here before for his amazing works! We are... Read more
Wrap-Up Next 3D Light Lens Decals
One of the first Wrap-up Next releases was 3D Light lens decals made with their 3D printing method. The new light lenses are made for the various 180SX, AE86, and S13 RC drift Bodies. These new 3D light lens decals will add greater scale detail to your RC drift... Read more
HPI Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Coupe
Another great body from HPI, this new Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Coupe will be a great choice for any 86 fan. HPI Racing is proud to introduce a 190mm body of the legendary Toyota Levin, now in Coupe styling! The Toyota Levin is the JDM version of Toyota Corolla... Read more
DriftMission.com Official Decal Set Countersteer RC Drifting AE86 and S15
Toyota AE86 DM Edition and the Vertex S15 DM Edition! Both cars are countersteered, Tamiya/Eagle TA05 2.35CS Ratio – Hot Bodies TC-FD 2.00CS Ratio. For more information on the decals, or to order your set today click on the link provided above! ______________________________ Music: Topgear (Electro Remix by Ultra... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Toyota AE86 Trueno RC Drift Body
Just announced from one of our new favorite companies into RC Drifting, Wrap-Up Next presents the Toyota AE86 Trueno RC Drift Body! This body will be released in mid-April 2012, this is definitely looking good! DriftMission staff are very curious in the quality of this body as it truly... Read more
Scale Build Hachi-roku Fest
We previously featured a 1:10 scale build of the Toyota 4A-GE engine from Demi76. Once again Demi76 has taken the build to another level, this time called the Hachi-roku Fest. This project takes scale building to another level, almost every detail of a Toyota Trueno AE86 is replicated, the... Read more