DIY Carbon Fiber for RC Bodies
Have you been looking to add a real carbon fiber look to your body? Check out this great how to from davergt on YouTube. Get that CF look for your RC Car or Truck. Practice on scrap lexan if you are not comfortable to do on a body. 1.... Read more
3 Racing Sakura D3 SSG Upgrade Kit
Calling all 3 Racing Sakura D3 CS owners looking to do some upgrades! If you are looking for extra stiffness and better performance this kit might be for you. It comes with the SSG High Traction Upper Deck, SSG Front and Rear Shock Towers, Front and Rear Suspension Arms,... Read more
Tamiya TRF 417WX V5 Premium Package
The 417 has achieved the third consecutive IFMAR World Championship! This is the latest evolution of the popular 417 touring car chassis, this latest version has made a number of changes. Including a new lower deck, upper deck, bulkhead, dampers, servo mount, motor mount, and more! This is expected... Read more
Tamiya TRF 417X Chassis Kit
Tamiya never stops innovating, the new 417X was just announced at the 2011 Tokyo Hobby Show. The 417 has been updated and upgraded with a newly designed lower deck, this helps to improve flexibility for better low speed traction. The previous one-piece motor mount has been replaced with a... Read more