Overdose Vacula II RWD RC Drift Chassis

The new Overdose Vacula II is a rear midship mounted chassis, very similar to the Tamiya TA-06. The first version of the Overdose Vacula was a Countersteer RC Drift Chassis, the Vacula II comes with RWD in mind. This car has been uniquely designed by Weld Overdose for better suspension…

R31World GRK 3 RC Drift Chassis

The final evolution of the R31World GRK RC Drift chassis is here! Since the first generation of the GRK back in 2011 we have seen a number of versions that enhanced the overall design. The GRK has been a popular chassis for entry level and expert RC Drifters. We were…

The XEX V-Spec is the latest release from WeldxOverdose. V-Spec represents the new belt drivetrain system which has been spawned from the RC Drift community that desire belt drive-train operation. The chassis utilizes lightweight reinforced plastic and cleverly designed cross-members to maintain this high rigidity. The front and rear portion…

Wrap-Up Next FR-D 3.0
Wrap-Up Next has officially announced the new Verion 3.0 FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit. Scheduled for release in late November 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes is now made of 7075 aluminium. The 7075 aluminium enhances the stiffness... Read more
MST RMX-D VIP Drift Chassis
A brand new release from Max Speed Technology called the RMX-D VIP Drift Chassis. The RMX-D is the latest addition to the MST arsenal and is different than any others before it. This is a 2 belt mid-rear motor configuration similar to the OD Vacula or Tamiya TA-06 chassis.... Read more
Overdose DIVALL RC Drift Chassis Kit
Overdose has finally announced the DIVALL (divu~aru in japanese). This marks the second full chassis released by Weld Overdose. It has a very interesting design, you will notice the unique layout and drivetrain. They have created a counter balancing shaft drive system that eliminate torque steer. They finally succeeded... Read more
Overdose 4WD Shaft Driven RC Drift Chassis
Finally we have details on this new Shaft Driven RC Drift Chassis from WeldxOverdose. We don’t know the name of this chassis yet, as details are still becoming available. It has a very interesting design, you will notice the unique layout and drivetrain. This marks the first shaftie where... Read more
Max Speed Technology RMX-D Prototype Chassis
These are the first pictures we have seen of the recently announced Max Speed Technology RMX-D RC Drift chassis. This is currently in the prototyping stages and is expected to be released before the end of the year. This is one of the most exciting chassis we have seen... Read more
Tamiya TB-04 Pro Version II
This is a limited edition release of the R/C TB-04 PRO chassis kit. The advanced on-road chassis is paired with upgraded parts, including some from the Tamiya Racing Factory TRF418 chassis, for a thrilling blend of high speed and crisp handling! The chassis features a number of newly-designed parts... Read more
Max Speed Technology FXX-D S RWD Chassis
Max Speed Technology FXX-D Type S is the latest new RWD drift chassis. Based on the FXX-D VIP chassis, this is the budget equivalent. Currently only computer renders of the new chassis, however this looks promising. We anticipated the replacement of those nice carbon fiber bits with FRP plastic.... Read more
Max Speed Technology FXX-D 4WD Conversion Kit
Max Speed Technology has recently released the 4WD conversion kit for the FXX-D chassis. The FXX-D was released as a RWD chassis, however now you can convert it to a 4WD system. This will be the first front longitudinal motor 4WD chassis on the market. For those scale junkies... Read more