Tech Racing TA-06 Option Parts
Hot from the new release of the TA-06 Drift Spec Conversion Kit, Tech Racing has release several option parts to enhance RC Drifting experience. The latest option parts lineup will include countersteer (CS) gears, front 3 way tube, front spool and steel diff cups. The tentative release date for... Read more
Active Hobby Counter Gears for Yokomo DP
Active Hobby has released Stage 2 countersteer (CS) gears for the Yokomo Drift Package. Counter steer gears for shaft driven RC Drift cars are very rare, and Active is one of the few companies that still manufacture them. If you are running a Yokomo Drift Package and are seeking... Read more
Eagle Racing TB-03 Countersteer Gears
Eagle racing has announced countersteer gears for the Tamiya TB-03. This is great news for anyone with the TB-03D and wanting to try a mild countersteer mod without investing in a new chassis. The Eagle Racing kit includes a 39, 36, and 33 ball differential ring gears (made to... Read more