February 2015 Body of the Month Winner

Body: Team Tetsujin Black Pearl Crown Athlete by wilkewhaq

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Team Tetsujin Toyota Crown Video
The DriftMission Team Tetsujin Toyota Crown Black Pearl RC Drift VIP Body is starting to take shape, but still needs some body lines! This was done using FasPearl White and is running on the MST MS-01D GT II chassis. Chassis Details MST MS-01D GT II Chassis RC OMG 8.5T... Read more
Team Tetsujin Toyota Crown Body
This new body from Team Tetsujin has just been released, and is available now. This is the second RC Drift body to come from Team Tetsujin, and is a part of the TMC-Tetsujin Mode Collection. The Toyota Crown GSR20 is one good looking VIP drifter, this version from Team... Read more
Team Tetsujin Toyota Majesta Video
This is the Team Tetsujin TMC Toyota Majesta Black Pearl 1/10 scale body. We think it looks fantastic especially with the Chrome Speedline LX Wheels! Let us know what you think! It is running on the MST MS-01D CS’d @ 2.2. Took a bit to get the hang of... Read more
Yokomo Toyota Goodyear Crown Long Wheelbase Body
Yokomo has announced a new body for the new long wheelbase RC drift chassis. This D1 ZERO Crown is available in two versions, one with the D1GP ZERO Crown decal set, and one without. These are made for the new long wheelbase models and conversions from Yokomo and others... Read more
Yokomo S13/180SX/JZX100 Light Buckets
Announced by Yokomo at the 2012 Shizuoka Hobby Show are the long awaited Nissan S13/180SX (Team Toyo GP Sports 180SX/Dunlop Koguchi Power 180SX) & Goodyear Racing Toyota JZX100 Kunnyz Chaser Light Buckets. These are standard high quality Yokomo Light Buckets, we had been wondering when Yokomo would start producing... Read more