DIY 1/10 License Plate Holders

DIY license plate frames for RC cars 1/10 scale by Armando Rios AKA Mando SDC. Fun and easy project to make to add that extra detail to your RC car. These are made with a DVD movie case, but can be made with other materials as well. I like to…

DIY RC Car Fiber Optic Lighting

Have you been looking to add the scale LED strip lighting to your latest RC Drift body? We have seen some attempts in the past to create these types of lights, but never anything this easy. Thanks to Troy Goldberg you can create your own fiber optic lighting to your…

RC Drift DIY Section

We have now added a brand new section to that features do it yourself projects to help you pimp your ride and more! These DIY projects can provide added performance to your chassis or show you how to create your own 1/10 scale gas pump. We will be adding…

DIY Wood Track Walls

DIY Wood Track Walls

DIY January 4, 2015 0

Hi guys, Its Justsidewayz from oneTEN Drift Network. We are working on making some new track walls. I thought I would share how we make them. We have made walls in the past that use a bolt to pin the lengths together and let them pivot. They work great... Read more
DIY Custom Decals is proud to present our Do It Yourself DIY decals! These are as close to vinyl that you can make at home. We have tried numerous different labels, waterslide decals, and sticker paper until we settled on these selections. You will need a few items to make your... Read more