Overdose Aluminum Type 2 Motor Mount for Yokomo DP

Weld Overdose has announced the Type 2 updated aluminum motor mount for the Yokomo Drift Package! The Type 2 Aluminum Motor Mount has been improved to provide better performance and adjustment. This is designed by Overdose to add greater rigidity and style. This motor mount also makes for easy backlash…

HikoTech Bianca RWD Drift Package Conversion Kit
This is the latest RWD conversion kit available for the Yokomo Drift Package RC Drift Chassis. HikoTech runs an amazing circuit and store in Japan, this conversion kit has already sold out! So if you are looking to find one you might just have to wait for now. The... Read more
Yokomo Narrow Steering Block Kit
New Narrow Steering Blocks from Yokomo for the Drift Package series of chassis (Type-C style upper and lower suspension mount). Release date announced at the end of January 2015 at an approximate MSRP of ¥7500JPY. These blocks are slimmer in design to promote improved steering geometry to reduce the... Read more
Yokomo DIB High Angle Steering Upgrade Package
Yokomo has now added a new high angle steering upgrade package for the Yokomo DIB to take full advantage of the new A-shaped suspension arms. The new steering system has been redesigned to allow for more steering angle and belt clearance. The lever arms have been re-shaped to allow... Read more
Overdose Front Body Mount Set
Weld Overdose has released a newly designed Front Body Mount/Catch Set. This newly designed front body mount is designed to replicate that real feeling of hood clips. The new front clips have been designed by Overdose for the best aesthetic appeal and performance. Since its introduction at the Tokyo... Read more
Yokomo Drift Package Imadoki α
The Drift Package Imadoki α chassis is the last release from Yokomo in 2014. This is upgraded from the traditional Drift Package Basic to update it for modern RC Drifting standards. Complete with a double deck Silver Surface Graphite (SSG) chassis and functional upgrades, this chassis has effectively increase... Read more
Yokomo Drift Package DPR
The Drift Package DPR chassis is the latest iteration in the Drift Package series. This is a heavily upgraded from the original Drift Package Basic chassis. Complete with a double deck graphite carbon chassis and very functional aluminum upgrades, this chassis is a new evolution in the Drift Package... Read more
Wrap-Up Next FR-D 3.0
Wrap-Up Next has officially announced the new Verion 3.0 FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit. Scheduled for release in late November 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes is now made of 7075 aluminium. The 7075 aluminium enhances the stiffness... Read more
HPI Racing D-Box 2

HPI Racing D-Box 2

Option Parts September 14, 2014 0

The HPI D-BOX 2 is developed for RC cars of all types – it’s not just for drifters! From the Baja 5B to the Micro RS4 – the D-Box 2 is for you! – You can use the D-BOX 2 on slippery surfaces like wet paved surfaces, muddy conditions,... Read more