RC OMG LP-BM10S Low Profile Servo Review

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row] Introduction The RC OMG LP-BM10S Low Profile Servo is the latest addition to the D2 series servo line-up. It is a powerful, accurate, high speed and high precision digital servo. The servo has an anodize aluminum band, titanium internal gears, a precision brushless motor and…

P!PES Lightweight V2 LED Light Kit Review

Introduction This kit features 12 LEDs and 12 different light sequences that can be changed by using the 3rd channel switch on your remote. Another great features is the super clean wiring will help you avoid wire spaghetti hell! The kits are available directly from RC P!PES or from other…

PIPES Backfire LED Exhaust Review

Introduction Have you been looking to add a backfire effect to your RC Drifter? PIPES has you covered with this great assortment of pipes with backfire LED units already for action! This LED based backfire system for your RC car simulates the effect of a real backfire like you may…

Team Tetsujin Aluminum Intercooler Review
Introduction Tetsujin has available aluminum intercooler for the scale RC drift use. Made with high quality aluminium. The intercooler detail is very impressive, they have captured all the important aspects of a real intercooler and scaled it for your RC. Even the hose connections into the intercooler are made... Read more
Team Tetsujin Practice Kerbs Review
Introduction Team Tetsujin Kerbs System has been a very popular item with RC Drift circuits. DriftMission has developed a partnership with Team Tetsujin to bring their products to the International Marketplace. Team Tetsujin has made new packages of the Kerbs system available. These are outlined after the jump along... Read more
Eagle Racing Aluminum Camber Gauge Review
Introduction A camber gauge is very useful for making small camber adjustments on your RC Drift chassis. A setup station can be more accurate, but is troublesome for making small changes. Eagle Racing recently released an aluminium camber gauge for quick and easy measurements. The new camber gauge has... Read more
Eagle Racing TB-03 GRT V2 Conversion Kit Review
Background The Tamiya TB-03D was one of the first cars in the Drift Mission garage. It has been gathering dust ever since the pursuit of counter-steer took over DM staff. After the success of Eagle Racing TA05 conversion, we decided the TB03 should also have an opportunity to be... Read more
Eagle Racing TA05 GRT Conversion Review
Background Eagle Racing Japan released a Drift conversion kit for the Tamiya TA-05 Version II. Tamiya TA-05 has been a popular chassis in the drift community. The already popular drift specific Tamiya VDF chassis is based on the TA-05, so it is only natural for 3rd party companies to... Read more