RC OMG LP-BF07S Aluminum Servo Video
Check out the new color banded RC OMG LP-BF07S Servos running on Max Speed Technology RMX-D VIP 4WD Countersteer 1.92 chassis’. These servos are fantastic and extremely quiet and reliable making them an excellent choice for any drifter. You can find one for yourself here – RC OMG EBay... Read more
RC OMG LP-BF07S Full Metal Low Profile Servo Review
Introduction RC OMG is steadily increasing their Full Metal series servos to their line-up. The LP-BF07S Full Metal Low Profile Servo is the latest creation. It is a powerful, accurate, ultra high speed and high precision digital servo. The FULL METAL is just that, from the outer casing to... Read more
RC OMG LP-BF07S Low Profile Full Metal Servo
RC OMG provide legendary digital precision with high speed low profile servos. The LP-BF07S FULL Metal low profile Servo is a powerful, high speed and precise digital servo with a full metal aluminum case. The gears are long wear 7075 Aluminum anodize titanium gears and 304 stainless steel gears.... Read more