Team Tetsujin Toyota Majesta Video
This is the Team Tetsujin TMC Toyota Majesta Black Pearl 1/10 scale body. We think it looks fantastic especially with the Chrome Speedline LX Wheels! Let us know what you think! It is running on the MST MS-01D CS’d @ 2.2. Took a bit to get the hang of... Read more


Videos January 12, 2014 0

This is our latest video of the new MST FXX-D VIP chassis. We have been working on taming the beast that is RWD! The new Speedline LX wheels with the Heiko CG 20mm tires certainly helps with RWD. The tuning continues until we are satisfied with the way it... Read more
Speedline LX Wheels
New from Speedline come the LX series RC Drifting wheels. These new LX wheels offer more scale options as they come in the standard 1.9 size along with 2.2. Additionally they also offer a 20mm narrow wheel size for RWD! These LX 1.9 size wheels come in the offsets... Read more