Pandora RC Nissan One-via 240SX ORIGIN Labo Kit
This is another new release from Pandora RC, the Nissan One-via 240SX with the ORIGIN Labo Body Kit. The Nissan One-via looks extra good with this aero kit, that includes everything you need to make one sexy wide body onevia 240SX. Pandora has already announced the Nissan S15 ORIGIN... Read more
HPI Micro RS4 Drift Discount Tire Nissan S13 Dai Yoshihara
Take control of Dai Yoshihara’s Discount Tire Nissan S13 winning drift car when you take the wheel of the Micro RS4 Drift! This is a scaled-down, 1/18th version of Dai’s fantastically detailed Nissan S13, which took him to victory in Formula Drift! Dai drives the real thing, but if... Read more
HPI E10 Drift Discount Tire Nissan S13 Dai Yoshihara
HPI Racing is proud to announce the new, officially licensed, Discount Tire/Falken Tire Nissan S13. Dai Yoshihara’s 2012 sideways sliding Nissan S13 has also been scaled to down a perfect 1/10-scale version to provide drifting fans with the most excitement and realism out there! Discount Tire / Falken Tire’s... Read more
Pandora RC Nissan One-Via Body
Pandora RC products has just announced their own version of the Nissan “wanbia” One-via. Yokomo is the only other manufacturer that produces a one-via body. Pandora’s styling has once again showed that they are skilled at producing RC Drift bodies that people want. The new 1:10 scale Nissan one-via... Read more
HPI Nissan 240SX S13 Dai Yoshihara Body
HPI recently announced a new RC drifting body for 2012, the Nissan S13/240SX Dai Yoshihara Discount Tires/Falken Formula Drift unpainted 1/10 RC body. The new 200mm polycarbonate body is officially licensed by Nissan and will feature the full decal set for the ultimate replica . This body is molded... Read more