Team Tetsujin Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R Body

This new body from Team Tetsujin has just been announced, and is now available. Another fantastic classic release from our friends at Team Tetsujin with the release of this 2000 GT-R with Liberty Walk kit. This is the latest RC Drift body to come from Team Tetsujin, and will be…

Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird Body

Another oldschool release from Pandora RC, The Datsun 510 Bluebird! Officially launched as the Datsun 1600 Bluebird series, this RC body revisits the old days of the Nissan/Datsun line-up. The Pandora RC Datsun 510 Bluebird is a more evolved than the Datsun 1000, but still bears all the important traits…

CaptainChris White Tiger 180SX

Check out this amazing 180SX from CaptainChris! We have featured CaptainChris on our Facebook/Twitter pages before as his work is amazing. We wanted to share this mind blowing “White Tiger” 180SX with everyone. Believe it or not this is a fully functional RWD based RC Drift Chassis with one of…

Team Tetsujin Skyline R35 Liberty Walk Video
Check out the latest DriftMission body added to our collection from our good friends at Team Tetsujin! This is the Nissan Skyline GT-R 35 w/ Liberty Walk kit in 1/10 scale. It looks amazing! We are running this bad boy on the MST RMX-D VIP chassis running 2WD/RWD configuration.... Read more
Tamiya TT-02D Nissan Skyline R33
The long lost has now returned with the new Tamiya TT-02D RC Drift chassis. As we have dreamed of this day for many years, there is hope we will see a full body version without holes/chassis. For now the Nissan Skyline R33 body is sold only with the TT-02D... Read more
Team Tetsujin Nissan Skyline R35 Body
This new body from Team Tetsujin has just been announced, and will be available early 2015. This is the fourth RC Drift body to come from Team Tetsujin, and will be the first body to feature a Liberty Walk body kit. As you can see from the photos below... Read more
HPI Micro RS4 Drift Discount Tire Nissan S13 Dai Yoshihara
Take control of Dai Yoshihara’s Discount Tire Nissan S13 winning drift car when you take the wheel of the Micro RS4 Drift! This is a scaled-down, 1/18th version of Dai’s fantastically detailed Nissan S13, which took him to victory in Formula Drift! Dai drives the real thing, but if... Read more
DriftMission Yokomo ER34 Video
This is the Yokomo Nissan Skyline ER-34 Blitz body with complete URAS Gang kit and Demi Works RB 26 Engine Bay and Team Tetsujin LED Kit!! COMPLETE MADNESS!! Running on the Yokomo DRB running a CS of 2.2. You can check out the ER34 build here -> Royalty... Read more
Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Nissan 180SX Version 2 Body Kit
Addiction RC will be releasing this amazing body kit next month. Addiction RC has announced the 6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special 180GT Rocket Bunny Version 2 body kit made for the ABC Hobbies Nissan 180SX. This kit definetely isn’t cheap, but does feature some excellent details as you can... Read more
Demi Works R32 VNS Body Kit Set
Check out the latest creation from Demi Works RC Body Accessories! This body kit is made for the Nissan Skyline R32 body from Tamiya, and will give your ride a fresh look. Demi Works RC Body Accessories has been making quality body kits, engine bays, and this is no... Read more
Exstreme Sport Silvia S15 Wide Body Video
Here is the latest video of the DriftMission Exstreme Sport S15! NOW WITH LEDs ^_^ This kit looks very impressive, and came out really well! It is running on the MST XXX-D VIP Chassis. If you are interested in the kit check here for more details or to order... Read more