MST FXX-D 2WD RTR Kit Version 2

MST has just announced their newly revised version 2 FXX-D 2WD Ready-to-Run chassis kit. The new version of the popular FXX-D RTR Kit has some deserved updates out of the box. These new changes include the addition of a Futaba Servo, New Steering System for Improved Steering/Ackermann Angle, Revised Deck…

Yokomo Drift Package YD-4 MR RC Drift Chassis

This marks the first additional version of the all new Team Yokomo YD-4 RC Drift Chassis. The YD-4 MR version was created to address the diversification of road surfaces Worldwide in RC Drifting. The new MR version features a new rear mid motor position to allow for more dyanmic force…

Yokomo Aluminum Center Drive Cups for YD-4

This new aluminum center drive cup kit from Team Yokomo is made specifically for the new YD-4 RC Drift chassis. The new optional aluminum center drive cup are made of lightweight high-precision aluminum. The aluminum has been subjected to a hard coat treatment to minimize wear and tear. Team Yokomo…

Tamiya TT-02D Type-S Drift Chassis
Tamiya has released a new variation to the popular 1/10 scale electric TT-02D TYPE-S drift spec chassis kit. The TYPE-S model has been upgraded with Tamiya’s reversible suspension system, CVA damper, super drift tires and a torque tuned motor. This version of the TT-02D comes upgraded with blue anodized... Read more
R31House GRK Global Standard RC Drift Chassis
This is R31House GRK Global Standard 1/10 Rear Motor 4WD Shaft Driven RC Drift Car Chassis Kit. This brand new car is from R31House, the GRK Global Standard. An entry level car based on the successful R31House GRK Global RC Drift Chassis, features all the tunability as the high... Read more
MST FSX-D VIP RC Drift Chassis
Max Speed Technology continues to add another VIP chassis line-up, the FSX-D VIP. The VIP version of this chassis is 90% upgraded in comparison to the S version. This is the adaptation of the FXX chassis into a lateral motor setup. The drivetrain is a gear driven transfer system... Read more
Weld Overdose Zekurosu XEX RC Drift Chassis
The XEX or “Zekurosu” is the latest RC Drift chassis from WeldxOverdose. This marks the third full chassis released after the Vacula and the Divall. This new chassis is designed to maximize accurate drift control and high traction performance while optimizing weight and high rigidity. The chassis utilizes lightweight... Read more
3Racing Sakura D4 RC Drift Chassis
Fans of the popular 3 Racing D3 drift chassis can rejoice as 3Racing has now released the Sakura D4 chassis kits in a RWD & AWD version. The 3 Racing Sakura D3 series chassis are popular among budget minded enthusiasts as it offer lots of options for full upgrading.... Read more
Max Speed Technology RRX-D RC Drift Chassis
Hot off the presses comes news of the all new Max Speed Technology RRX-D RC Drift chassis. This is the first rear motor RWD RC Drift chassis on the market, it is reminiscent of the FF-04 and 2WD buggies. The all new RRX-D chassis is available in 3 different... Read more
R31 House GRK Global Test Video
This is R31House GRK Global 1/10 Rear Motor 4WD Shaft Driven RC Drift Car Chassis Kit. This is an exciting new chassis that will be only available exclusively from This is a shaft driven chassis that provides upto 70º of steering angle! This is a very exciting chassis... Read more
HPI Racing x Fatlace Subaru BRZ RS4 Sport 3 Drift
The HPI RS4 Sport 3 Drift is the all-new on-road chassis from HPI Racing. The RS4 Sport 3 Drift features a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drive-train, which means the gears and drive-train are locked away and blasting through stones and dirt won’t slow you down. The first... Read more