Max Speed Technology LSD 3.0 RS Gyro

Max Speed Technology has released a new and improved gyro that improves the LSD 2.0. This new LSD 3.0 RS gyro comes with new 3 Drift mode for different RWD drift settings. The S-Drive mode is the standard mode for the gyro, the L-Drive features a more flexible approach which…

R31World GRK 3 RC Drift Chassis

The final evolution of the R31World GRK RC Drift chassis is here! Since the first generation of the GRK back in 2011 we have seen a number of versions that enhanced the overall design. The GRK has been a popular chassis for entry level and expert RC Drifters. We were…

Wrap-Up Next MR-D RWD Conversion Kit

Wrap-Up Next (WUN) has announced the latest RWD Chassis Conversion Kit. Code named the MR-D, this chassis is created from the infusion of the VX-DOCK & FR-D platforms. Utilizing the innovative slide steering unit from the VX-DOCK and FR-D drive train midship configuration, the symmetrical layout results in direct steering…

Wrap-Up Next Gyro
With all the popularity around Rear Wheel Drive RC Drifting and the Wrap-UP NEXT FR-D RWD Conversion chassis. Wrap UP has released a gyro to make RWD more smooth and appealing. We have tried RWD here at DriftMission but found it very slow and not as fun as a... Read more
Wrap-Up Next FR-D Conversion Kit
Officially announced by Wrap Up Next is the exciting FR-D Front Motor Conversion Kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. This new kit is expected to hit the market late October to Early November 2012. This is the World’s first front motor setup that allows for RWD drifting, along with... Read more
Max Speed Technology XXX Prototype
New pictures and information from Max Speed Technology with their upcoming Shaft Driven chassis known as the XXX. This 1/10 shaftie looks very impressive, along with the options available including three different color options for aluminum parts. The currently planned launch date is October 1st 2012, there will be... Read more
Wrap-Up Next FR-D Front Motor Conversion Kit
We now have the first pictures of the upcoming Wrap-Up Next FR-D front motor conversion for the Yokomo Drift Package. This will be the first conversion kit released by Wrap-Up Next and by the looks of it, we should have a winner on our hands! There are not a... Read more
D-Link Kazama Auto GS-X Conversion Kit
D-Link Kazama Auto has announced a new RC Drifting conversion kit to follow up their successful GP-XR conversion kit for Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis. This new GS-X is a conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package Basic or Type C that borrows some features from the GP-X/R31 chassis. This... Read more
R31World GRK Shaft Chassis
This is an exciting new chassis that will be only available in Japan and only 100 are to be made. This chassis is brought to us by R31 World in Japan, for those not familiar with R31 World it is a popular RC drift track & shop. This is... Read more