Burn Effect V3 RC Smoke Generator Video
DriftMission is currently testing out and reviewing the new Burn Effect v3 RC Smoke Generator. This new version provides waaaay more smoke then we have seen in previous versions. Once again the video doesn’t quite do it full justice as in person, but you can clearly see the smoke... Read more
Burn Effect V3 RC Drift Smoke Generator
Post Updated – Additional items added to price list along with contact form. Burn Effect Version 3 RC Drift Smoke Generator is coming soon! Its specifically made for RC drift car, but can be used for any other application you can come up with. In order to make your... Read more
Burn Effect Smoke Generator Video
DriftMission has been testing the Burn Effect RC Drift Smoke Generator!! We must say it looks substantially better in person than on the video. It’s not an insane amount of smoke ala Formula D, but does make it look like the tires are smoking! We will test it outdoors... Read more