RWD RC Drift MST MS 01-D Video

RWD RC Drifting the MST MS-01D VIP Short Wheel Base with some much needed upgrades to the steering. The new IFS suspension was a large part of the upgrade. The body is the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 Taisan, it is a used body we picked up with the chassis. There…

Super Real Parts 1/10 Scale Mirrors

WOW if you weren’t already blown away by the Super Real Parts 3D Scale Door Handles, check out these amazing 1/10 scale replica 3D mirrors from Super Real Parts out of Japan. These mirrors are available for a lot of the popular JDM bodies, in some cases you can also…

Super Real Parts Scale Door Handles

Check out these amazing 1/10 scale replica 3D door handles from Super Real Parts out of Japan. Truly a fitting name for this company as you can see from the photos below these are SUPER REAL LOOKING PARTS!! These are very unique and will add a fantastic look to your…

Tamiya Porsche 911 – Carrera RSR Body
Check out this new body release from Tamiya; the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR RC Body. This is one of those classic bodies that still looks good today. This is a clear polycarbonate body parts set of the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR race car. It is made out of... Read more
DriftMission Tamiya GT-86 RC Drift Video
We have a new track layout here at driftmission! Check out the latest video of the Tamiya GT-86 on the MST MS-01D GT V2. Let us know what you think, this new layout is definitely a nice departure from the last! Check out the newly finished Tamiiya GT-86... Read more
DriftMission Tamiya GT-86 Video
Check out the newly finished Tamiiya GT-86 with Wide Fenders from Secret Plans! More information for Secret Plans Fender Kit The newly released Full Metal Body servo’s have just been announced by RC OMG. Driftmission is very fortunate to be able to obtain a couple of these for... Read more
Speedline Original RC Drift Tire Test
DriftMission has been testing the new Speedline Original tires! The design of tires is sloped and curved, so the tires contact patch to track will changes constantly with smooth. Therefore this will help the drift perform more efficiency. Also you can select the tires incline-level by switching on the... Read more
Eagle Racing GRT TA-05 VDF Chassis V3
Rather than as a conversion kit for the Tamiya TA05 chassis, this new Eagle Racing TA05 VDF GRT Ver.3 is the culmination that brings together high-performance parts that Eagle Racing have been pursuing to TA05 VDF until now. It has been produced in mind for light weight and thorough... Read more
Tamiya TB-04 Pro Chassis
Tamiya finally announced information on the new TB-04 Pro chassis. This is the evolution of the TB-03 chassis with some unique features. The most noticeable is the motor position, once parallel to the main driveshaft. It has now been repositioned to be perpendicular, similar to belt driven touring chassis.... Read more
Datsun 240Z – MST XXX-D VIP Video
After testing out the new line of motors from RC OMG it was time to run with the Datsun 240z. The new RC OMG motor feels super smooth and sounds great! Let us know if you have any questions! ______________________________________________ Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by... Read more
Active Hobby Type-C Suspension Arms
Active Hobby recently released Type C style suspension arms for the Yokomo Drift Package, DIB and Tamiya chassis. These adjustable suspension arms are a great addition for Yokomo and Tamiya owners as it gives greater adjustability and tuning options. You will now be able to adjust the track width... Read more