Eagle Racing R31 Suspension Set for Tamiya Chassis
Eagle Racing is releasing more option parts for Tamiya based chassis. If you own a Tamiya chassis and want to convert to the R31 suspension system, then now is your chance. Eagle recently released R31 suspension kits for the Tamiya TA-06, TB-03 and VDF V2 chassis. Now you can... Read more
Eagle Racing Countersteer Gears for Tamiya TB-03
Eagle racing has announced new countersteer gears for the Tamiya TB-03, TB-03D and TB-03IFS. This is great news for anyone with a TB-03 based chassis wanting to try a countersteer mod! The Eagle Racing kit includes several different CS ratios; 1.44, 1.56 and 1.77. Each CS gears kit includes... Read more
Active Hobby TB03 Countersteer Kit
Active Hobby has just announced that they will be restocking countersteer kits for the Tamiya TB-03 line of chassis. This was done due to the overwhelming demand from the RC Drift market. The CS gears will be available in a 1.5 and 2.0 CS ratio. These gears were first... Read more
Tamiya TB-03 VDS
*UPDATED*The Tamiya TB-03 VDS is now available in a store near you. Coming off their already successful TA-05 VDF, the high end belt drive midship drift chassis. Tamiya looks to corner the market with a high end shaft driven chassis, the TB-03 VDS. Read the full article for more... Read more
Eagle Racing TB-03 Countersteer Gears
Eagle racing has announced countersteer gears for the Tamiya TB-03. This is great news for anyone with the TB-03D and wanting to try a mild countersteer mod without investing in a new chassis. The Eagle Racing kit includes a 39, 36, and 33 ball differential ring gears (made to... Read more