Team Yokomo Competition RC Drift Tires

Team Yokomo has announced a new set of Competition RC Drift tires. They are called the DRA, and DRC Competition RC Drift Tires. The DRA signifies the RC Drift tire for Asphalt/Road use, and the DRC is for carpet tracks. The tires will go on sale later this week/October for…

Speedline 2.2 Wheels and Tires
You may have seen these wheels and tires before, they are from Thailand and replicate some of the most popular wheels around. The Speedline 2.2 wheels and tires look good and offer a larger appearance than the standard options. They are slightly over sized from standard RC Drift tires/wheels... Read more
HEI-KO Constant Grip PE Tire Test Video
We are testing out a few different tire brands for an upcoming features on These are the HEI-KO Constant Grip PE RC Drift Tires, these have a great look and feel. As you can see from the video we mounted them up to the MST XXX-D VIP 2.0CS.... Read more RC Drifting Crazy Sale! has announced a new RC Drifting Crazy Sale! Save up to 40% on Spice wheels, tires, bodies, and more! RCMart has been around for over 10 years and continues to be a big supporter of RC Drifting! Check out the specials using the link provided below. Click Here... Read more
HEI-KO Soft and Hard Edge Tires
HEI-KO Tires are available in 3 types, we have already featured the Constant Grip PE tires. These HEI-KO Soft and Hard Edge RC Drift tires are made from PE 100 material just like the Constant Grip PE Tires! The Hard Edge tires feature a 45Ā° angle cut, the soft... Read more
HEI-KO Constant Grip PE Tires
HEI-KO has just announced a new set of tires for high ratio/RWD RC Drifting. These new Constant Grip PE tires will ensure a constant contact point for up to 25 degrees in both directions! These are the latest version of the HEI-KO drift tires. The “Constant Grip” PE drift... Read more
Max Speed Technology – XXX-D VIP HPI T-Drift Tire Video
Second video of the MST XXX-D after the rebuild, this time with HPI T-Drift tires for more grip! After a moment to rebuild the MST XXX-D VIP we have had a chance to put it through some of its paces still at 1.32 CS ratio. MST has announced the... Read more
New RC Drift Guides Added
Chassis Guide This guide will help outline the basics of RC Drift & help to explain the different chassis options. This guide is meant for beginners to get the basic understanding, and then develop your own style. So nothing here is absolute. The great thing about the hobby is... Read more
Blade Racing Hippari Drift Tires
Blade Racing Hippari Drift Tires are now available in different hardness ratings for all your drifting needs. No matter what surface you intend to drift on Blade Racing has the drift tire solution for you. These tires will help you complete the ‘Hella Flush’ look and feel with stretched... Read more