Wrap Up Next VX Front Knuckle

Wrap Up Next has just announced the VX Front Steering Knuckles. These new knuckles are a unique 4 piece design while maintaining its compact size of the GX knuckle. This is a good looking product, boasting even more adjustable settings and usability. This is an advanced option part and aimed…

Wrap-Up Next MR-D RWD Conversion Kit

Wrap-Up Next (WUN) has announced the latest RWD Chassis Conversion Kit. Code named the MR-D, this chassis is created from the infusion of the VX-DOCK & FR-D platforms. Utilizing the innovative slide steering unit from the VX-DOCK and FR-D drive train midship configuration, the symmetrical layout results in direct steering…

Wrap-Up Next Flex MG Body Mounts

Wrap-Up Next (WUN) has recently announced the release of a new magnet body mounting system. The new FLEX MG body mounts utilize strong neodymium magnet and rounded steel dome design to better keep contact between the two sides. The neodymium magnet is mounted on the body and a rounded steel…

Wrap-Up Next Window Tint
Have you ever tried to smoke or window tint out your ride using spray paint? We have done a few cars in the past this way but it is hard to make sure you apply it evenly, and dark enough to provide the effect you are looking for. Wrap-Up... Read more
Wrap-Up Next 3D Grille Decals
Wrap Up Next has created some fantastic looking 3D Decals to replicate grilles of your favorite car. We have looked for products like this in the past, but ended up settling with screen door mesh from Home Depot. The wire type mesh may not be the best solution now... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Intercooler Decal
Wrap UP Next continues to impress us here at DriftMission with releases like this it’s no wonder. If you have been using the cheap plastic type intercoolers from the likes of HPI, Tamiya, or R2 Hobbies. You can now make it look better with the use of these new... Read more
Wrap-Up Next FR-D Front Motor Conversion Kit
We now have the first pictures of the upcoming Wrap-Up Next FR-D front motor conversion for the Yokomo Drift Package. This will be the first conversion kit released by Wrap-Up Next and by the looks of it, we should have a winner on our hands! There are not a... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Heat Wrap and Protector Film
Two new product announcements from Wrap Up Next, these products are designed to keep your motor cooler and protect your chassis and bodies. The Wrap UP heat wrap is made for most standard sized brushless motors, and has already sold out. These are now available as pre-order only until... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Toyota AE86 Trueno RC Drift Body
Just announced from one of our new favorite companies into RC Drifting, Wrap-Up Next presents the Toyota AE86 Trueno RC Drift Body! This body will be released in mid-April 2012, this is definitely looking good! DriftMission staff are very curious in the quality of this body as it truly... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Real 3D Wrap for Yokomo Chaser and Laurel
Wrap-Up Next now has more Real 3D wraps for the Yokomo C35 and Yokomo JZX-100 RC Drift bodies. These latest 3D decal wraps are made to enhance more scale details from the RC bodies. Read more
Wrap-Up Next 3D Light Lens Decals for Yokomo AE86
One of the first Wrap-up Next releases was 3d Light lens decals made with their 3D printing method. The new light lenses are made for the Yokomo Hayashi AE86 Levin. These new 3D light lens decals will add greater scale detail to your RC drift body. These 3D body... Read more