Wrap Up Next VX Front Knuckle

Wrap Up Next has just announced the VX Front Steering Knuckles. These new knuckles are a unique 4 piece design while maintaining its compact size of the GX knuckle. This is a good looking product, boasting even more adjustable settings and usability. This is an advanced option part and aimed…

Wrap-Up Next MR-D RWD Conversion Kit

Wrap-Up Next (WUN) has announced the latest RWD Chassis Conversion Kit. Code named the MR-D, this chassis is created from the infusion of the VX-DOCK & FR-D platforms. Utilizing the innovative slide steering unit from the VX-DOCK and FR-D drive train midship configuration, the symmetrical layout results in direct steering…

Wrap-Up Next Flex MG Body Mounts

Wrap-Up Next (WUN) has recently announced the release of a new magnet body mounting system. The new FLEX MG body mounts utilize strong neodymium magnet and rounded steel dome design to better keep contact between the two sides. The neodymium magnet is mounted on the body and a rounded steel…

Wrap-Up Next 3D Light Lens Decals for Nissan S14
One of the first Wrap-up Next releases was 3d Light lens decals made with their 3D printing method. The new light lenses are made for the Yokomo Nissan S14 Silvia RC drift Bodies. These new 3D light lens decals will add greater scale detail to your RC drift body.... Read more
Wrap-Up Next 3D License Plates
Wrap-up Next has done another production run of the popular 3D License Plates. Utilizing Wrap-Up’s new 3D printing technology, they can replicate the realism of a real 1:1 license plate. The plates come in Japanese Style, or California and will be sure to add another layer of realism to... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Python 3D Premium Radio Skin
Wrap-up Next has released a new Python (snake skin pattern) Real 3D Premium Radio Skin. Utilizing Wrap-Up’s new 3D printing technology, they can replicate the realism of a snake skin into a radio decal wrap. They have gone a step further to replicate the skin irregularities of real snake... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Toyota Z10 Soarer RC Drift Body
Wrap-Up Next recently released a Toyota Z10 Soarer Drift RC Body. The Toyota Z10 is the first generation of the popular Soarer series and originally based off the Toyota A60 Supra. The Toyota Soarer made its first appearance on the early 1980s and has always been a popular car... Read more
Wrap-Up Next Deco Wheel Nuts
Wrap-Up Next Stage RC Products has released their new product “DECO Nut” wheel nuts for Drift RC. These new wheel nuts are the very definition of style! Compared to the plain old nut that are anodize to various different colors, no matter what color, still looks plain and boring.... Read more