Yokomo Nissan 180SX 60FPS RC Drift Video
We are proud to release our latest video work in glorious 60 frames per second!! Let us know what you think!! This is the Team Yokomo Nissan 180SX Body w/ The Maruma Body Kit. It is running on a Yokomo/Overdose DRB RC Drift Chassis with a CS Ratio of... Read more
D’Magic R-wing Sports Rear Bumperless 180SX
This D’Magic R-Wing Sports 180SX Bumperless kit is suited for the 1/10 Yokomo 180SX Street Version but may fit others with modifications. Bumperless kits seem to be very popular these days and we are starting to see the more often. This kit is very detailed as most products are... Read more
April 2013 Body of the Month Winner
Congratulations to 7reaperz from our DriftMission.com forums for winning the April 2013 Body of The Month contest. This fantastic 180sx won out over all the other excellent entries! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!! Description: Inspired by the “volklinger s14”, the “NAVY s13” and the “Marines 180sx” I... Read more
Maruma Factory 180SX Body Parts
Maruma Factory recently released several new body parts for the Yokomo 180SX street version RC Drift Body. New body parts include a 180SX Kouki front bumper, Type 2 side step/skirt and 180SX Kouki tail lights cover. Now you can transform your Yokomo 180SX to the Kouki bumper. Previously D-like... Read more
Maruma Factory 180SX Wide-body Kit
Maruma (まるま) Factory has just released a wide-body kit for the Yokomo 180SX Street version or D-like 180SX RC Drift Bodies. The new 1:10 scale widebody kit is like none other on the market. This new 12 piece wide-body kit is the most inclusive of its kind. The new... Read more