Yokomo Drift Package YD-4 MR RC Drift Chassis

This marks the first additional version of the all new Team Yokomo YD-4 RC Drift Chassis. The YD-4 MR version was created to address the diversification of road surfaces Worldwide in RC Drifting. The new MR version features a new rear mid motor position to allow for more dyanmic force…

Team Suzuki 2-Way Motor Mount for Drift Package

Team Suzuki will soon be introducing a new 2-Way motor mount for the popular Yokomo Drift Package chassis. This new motor mount is structurally designed for improved traction and stability especially for 2WD/RWD RC Drifting. It is possible to select the motor position from horizontal mounting and vertical mounting. Improved…

Yokomo YD-2 RWD Drift Chassis

The official announcement from Yokomo about the YD-2 RWD Drift Chassis kit. Set to hit the streets of Japan by late July 2016/early August, this new RWD chassis kit embodies everything they have learnt about RWD (2 wheel drive) RC Drift performance in the past few years. The prototype version…

Yokomo Drift Package DPR
The Drift Package DPR chassis is the latest iteration in the Drift Package series. This is a heavily upgraded from the original Drift Package Basic chassis. Complete with a double deck graphite carbon chassis and very functional aluminum upgrades, this chassis is a new evolution in the Drift Package... Read more
Yokomo Drift Package FCD Countersteer Gear Set
Yokomo has taken another step into the counter-steer RC drift market with the introduction of several new options. New front FCD options will be available to the Yokomo Drift Package Basic and derivative chassis. The two available gear ratio options are 0.76 (40Tx13T) and 0.88 (40Tx15T), both sets are... Read more
Wrap-Up Next FR-D 3.0
Wrap-Up Next has officially announced the new Verion 3.0 FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit. Scheduled for release in late November 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes is now made of 7075 aluminium. The 7075 aluminium enhances the stiffness... Read more
Yokomo Drift Package DIB RS Blue Edition
Yokomo has re-introduced the Drift Package DIB version RS chassis. The new Blue Edition comes after the huge success of the Yokomo DIB RS. The new DIB version RS Blue Edition adds new aluminium bulkheads and motor cage to the package. This brings it one step closer to hopped... Read more
HPI Racing D-Box 2

HPI Racing D-Box 2

Option Parts September 14, 2014 0

The HPI D-BOX 2 is developed for RC cars of all types – it’s not just for drifters! From the Baja 5B to the Micro RS4 – the D-Box 2 is for you! – You can use the D-BOX 2 on slippery surfaces like wet paved surfaces, muddy conditions,... Read more
Yokomo DIB Ver. 2 Premium Edition
The re-introduced Yokomo DIB Version 2 Premium Edition comes after several successes of the Yokomo DIB family. The new Version 2 DIB has been improved over its predecessor, essentially it is the original DIB outfitted with the Version 1, 2 and 3 upgrade package out of the box. Now... Read more
Overdose Aluminum Suspension Mount Set for Yokomo Drift Package
Weld Overdose has just announced more goodies for the OD Aluminum Suspension Mount Set are made for the Yokomo Drift Package Carbon Chassis. Designed for high rigidity and ease of mounting but meant for fitment on carbon chassis ONLY (Will not fit Yokomo Tub Chassis). The rear suspension mount... Read more
Overdose Aluminum Gear Case for Yokomo DPM
Weld Overdose has introduced a new Aluminum Gear Case for Yokomo DPM for the Yokomo Drift Package DPM chassis. This is an upgrade change the conventional plastic gear casing into an aluminium one. The Overdose gear case has been designed to maximize performance of the rear drive shaft to... Read more