Venom Belt Drive Gear Kit Venom Belt Drive Gear Kit

This belt drive gear kit from Venom comes with 1x pulley 41T, 1x pulley 11T and 1x belt 48/50T for all models listed below. This belt drive gear kit will upgrade your RC Drift car transmission spur gear to be more smooth and consistent, reduce friction and wear and tear, it will also provide the benefit of reduced noise.

3.73 universal ratio Support: DRB,DIB,HPI TCD,VDF,VDF GRT,MST FS-01D, MS-01D,ARD D08, D11,SAKURA D3,OTA R31,TEH R31,S03,Q-RK8


Venom belt drive gear kit requires reverse motor direction as follows:

      1. Adjusted from motor card to reverse motor direction by: Reverse : ON, Rotate : Clockwise, Motor Direction : Reverse
      2. Adjusted by switch motor sensor wires, which it’s has six wires by rank. Then switch the 1st wire with the fifth wire, and switch the second wire with the sixth wire. ( made only one side and plugging to motor )
      3. Switch the wires of motors receiver ( Brush motor )


Source: Staff

  • tigg

    good for ta06 also for higher cs%

  • Mike

    no pink? :/ look cool tho RC Drift Products