1:10 Scale Custom RWB G-Force Porsche 993 GT2

DriftMission.com is proud to share RE Extreme’s 1/10 Scale RWB Porsche 993 GT2 G-Force car. Our staff at DriftMission.com have been waiting to complete an RWB Porsche, but after seeing this magnificent ride is there any point? Such amazing detail has been put into this replica, thanks to RE Extreme for letting us share this with our audience. For those who are unaware of RWB, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF is a Porsche tuner located in Japan. RWB has combined Japanese and Euro tuning elements, creating a distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis. Starting off as a small countryside body-shop in Chiba-Ken, RAUH-Welt 911’s are now a common sight on both the streets and racing circuits of Japan.
We create only one RWB Porsche for each customer! All RAUH-Welt Bodykits are made in Japan and are built very sturdy. Each RWB Car is built by Nakai-san & each customer is given the utmost gratification when Nakai-san has completed their build.

Here it is… RWB 993 GT-2 G-Force #9
Complete 99.9%. I am undecided whether to do body panel lines of not. It looks great as it is.

This one has a real rubber splitter cover and the main difference is the side skirts.

The remainder is the same as the Speed Hunter #34 There are small deviations in the rear too.

Pretty tough!!!!! Damn!!! Got Stance.

Its ready for a trial run. It’s mounted on the destination chassis but I will have another photoshoot soon with the 19″BBS wheels.

This one I added fenders in one piece at the rear. Check the photo-realistic engine inside.

There’s always small things I want to fix, but time is one thing I don’t have these days. I want the guys to enjoy their Porsche, not ogle tiny details. The theme is definitely there.

Get the idea. Based on the Tamiya GT-2 Widebody lengthened for Yokomo Chassis. It’s not perfect, but its fantastic.

However there are some small dis-tractors around the car. RWB stickers and lots of detail inside.

I was unsure about white windscreen decal or black. I think the black looks tougher.

225mm of nuttiness. In RC terms, this is FAT! Rear HPI Work rims are +9 with a 6mm spacer.

So there you have it. the second one is done. 6 months after the start. Let’s go drift!

Source: RE Extreme

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