February Body of the Month from RC Drift Italy

Design: Nissan Kenmeri Bosozuku Body: Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Bosozoku Homemade (he reply the aoshima original body for personal use) Paint: Tamiya White PS-1, Silver PS-12, Smoke PS-31 for windows Graphics: Fatlace / Speedhunters homemade, white microdecals Faccework Wheels: Street Jam HOSHIZAME offset +6/+10mm Tires: Street Jam 60° medium Accessories: Exhaust (from R2Hobbies), windshield wipers +…

RC Drift Yokomo Drift Package DIB (1)

Yokomo Drift Package DIB Chassis

Yokomo has introduced a new Drift Package to their growing line-up of RC drift cars, called the Yokomo DIB. The primary difference from the DRB is the in-line battery positioning. Now the OTA-R31 chassis no longer has its in-line battery advantage. Yokomo has just announced the price of of the DIB Chassis Kit. This chassis…

Ko Propo EX-1 KIY Transmitter

Ko Propo EX-1 KIY Transmitter

Ko Propo has just introduced their next generation transmitter. The new Ko Propo EX-1 K.I.Y. transmitter will be a Kustomize-It-Yourself design. The first radio to feature a fully customized design where the user has full control of what they want. Here is the official release of the Ko Propo EX-1.