Active Hobby TA06 Diff locker for RC Drift (1)

Active Hobby TA-06 Differential Locker

Active Hobby has just announced a new differential locker for the Tamiya TA-06 chassis. This is Active Hobby’s solution to locking the TA06 front and rear gear differentials. Now locking the differential of a TA06 no longer requires buying expensive new differential and parts. Now locking the differential in a TA06 is easier than ever.

Hot Bodies TC-FD Review by

Hot Bodies TC-FD Review

Background The new Hot Bodies TC-FD is the successor to the very popular HB TC-D chassis. During its first release the TC-D, it was regarded as one of the top chassis in the market. Even Weld Overdose started creating after-market parts for it. The HB TC-D is still widely used in the RC Drift community…