RC-Art CE-RC Rear Stabilizers Set for RC Drift

RC-Art CE-RX Rear Stabilizers

Now available from RC-Art Japan, rear stabilizers for the RC-Art CE-RX chassis. Also known as anti-roll bars or sway bars but some, this option part will reduce chassis roll during cornering. Typically used when the rear of the chassis experiences too much body roll due to high traction surfaces. This way the chassis becomes more…

Active Hobby TA06 Diff locker for RC Drift (1)

Active Hobby TA-06 Differential Locker

Active Hobby has just announced a new differential locker for the Tamiya TA-06 chassis. This is Active Hobby’s solution to locking the TA06 front and rear gear differentials. Now locking the differential of a TA06 no longer requires buying expensive new differential and parts. Now locking the differential in a TA06 is easier than ever.

Hot Bodies TC-FD Review by Driftmission.com

Hot Bodies TC-FD Review

Background The new Hot Bodies TC-FD is the successor to the very popular HB TC-D chassis. During its first release the TC-D, it was regarded as one of the top chassis in the market. Even Weld Overdose started creating after-market parts for it. The HB TC-D is still widely used in the RC Drift community…