ABC Hobby Nissan Fairlady Z 280Z (S130)

ABC Hobby has released a 200mm Nissan Fairlady Z 280Z Fender Works Version or S130 as it’s known elsewhere. We here at DriftMission are very impressed by the level of detail put into this body which includes the front and rear spoiler, high quality photo realistic graphics, and masking. The body is 200mm and will have a retail price of around ¥ 6,500 the pictures displayed feature additional products and are not included with this body these include fenders, racing decals, wheels, lights, tires, muffler, wipers. The fender kit is available seperately for around ¥900. More pictures and information after the jump!

Body Features

  • 200mm Body Width
  • 490mm Body Length
  • High Quality Photo realistic decals
  • Front & Rear Spoiler
  • Unpainted Lexan
  • Light Covers

Fairlady Z sports car era laid the foundation of Japan, model “S30” first generation that has been active, but between nine long years of full model change in 1978 “S130” was born at last been done. That comes a wide size may also have an eye on the U.S. market, there is also a sense of volume while inheriting the previous Z. In 1980, after the car was very popular in North America specification T-bar roof is added, and became the first domestic car is this S130. Is part of T-bar roof this was conscious of America the most, was reckoned from female users attract Z fan serious, that enjoy the atmosphere of the open car almost like, tended to be shunned from the sports car further. Dedicated car and head gates modified the model has been to use semi gull wing window, appeared to “police” Western TV drama is “Super Z”. As you can see now, the popularity of the Z was not clear. For a while, a removable roof has become a staple item of sports car then.

– ABC Hobby

Please note that wheels have been published in the photo, are using the Speedway Pal’s products. (Gun Metal parts painted with spokes)
Front: Panamax sports G7-C8R Black (offset 7mm)
Rear: Sport G7-C8R Panamax Black (offset 10mm)
Source: ABC Hobby

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  1. if you get one of these, be careful of the front overhang. It’s hella long so you need to change your line a little.

  2. if you get one of these, be careful of the front overhang. It’s hella long so you need to change your line a little.

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