Active Adjustable Driveshafts for Drift Package

Active Hobby has released a set of adjustable universal driveshafts for use with the recently released adjustable Type C suspension arm series. The biggest problem we noticed with adjustable suspension is the requirement for different length of Universal Drive Shafts. These new universal driveshafts are capable of up to 11mm of adjustment. They have also been designed with extra weight to allow for more stable operation without chatter. The new universal drive shafts are capable of up to 60 degrees of operational angle for Yokomo Drift Package chassis. Schedule for release in August 2013.

Active Hobby Adjustable Universal Shafts for Yokomo DP

  • Part Number: STR-187
  • Adjustable Length Universal Shafts for use with Adjustable suspension arms
  • Adjustable Range from 50mm to 61mm
  • For use with Yokomo Drift Package chassis
  • Capable of up to 60 degrees
  • Additional counter weight to reduce chatter
  • Up to 11mm length adjustment
  • Designed for use with Active Type-C system on Drift Package DIB

Approximate MSRP: ¥3600JPY

Spare Parts

  • STR187-1 Axle Shaft (Approx. ¥900JPY)
  • STR177-2 Pin and Cross Set (Approx. ¥500JPY)
  • STR187-3 Dog Bone 50mm to 61mm (2pcs) (Approx. ¥1400JPY)
  • STR177-4 Dog bone joint (STR175, 176, 177, 178) (Approx. ¥1300JPY)

**Prices are approximate, check with your retailer for most accurate price***

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