Active Hobby Adjustable Suspension Arms for Tamiya TT01

Active Hobby recently released adjustable suspension arms for the Tamiya TA-05 and TA-06 chassis. Now they have followed up with adjustable suspension arms for the Tamiya TT-01 chassis. These adjustable suspension arms are a great addition for TT-01 owners as it gives greater adjustability and tuning options. You will now be able to adjust the track width by adding spacer to the suspension arms. The suspension arms will be available in 5 different colors, blue, red, silver, and black. The suspension arms set is expected to go on sale late April 2013 for an MSRP of ¥15000. As with most Active Hobby Products these are machined from high quality aluminum and made to fit Tamiya TT-01 chassis’, but may require some small modifications or upgraded parts. !!!BE AWARE!!! Active Hobby advertises this as a kit, however there are generally additional or modifications necessary for the parts to fit; they are not always an easy bolt-on solution.

!!!Pictures show more than just the parts on this kit, there are several other Active Hobby option parts!!!!
Active Hobby Adjustable Front Suspension Arms for Tamiya

  • STR170B – Blue Front Adjustable Suspension Arms
  • STR170R – Red Front Adjustable Suspension Arms
  • STR170S – Silver Front Adjustable Suspension Arms
  • STR170BL – Black Front Adjustable Suspension Arms

Approximate MSRP: ¥15000JPY
Source: Active Hobby

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