Active Hobby Midship Conversion Kit 2 for Yokomo Drift Package

Active Hobby has finally made the announcement for their front midship conversion kit 2 for Yokomo Drift Package. This is a highly anticipated conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package Plus and Type C chassis. The new conversion kit includes stylish black carbon fiber and a complete line-up of option parts to support your RC Drift addiction. Check it out today, especially if you are a Yokomo Drift Package owner.

Active Hobby front midship conversion kit 2 for Yokomo Drift Package

Replaces the traditional tub chassis with stylish black carbon fiber. The conversion kit effective shifts the weight of the drift package to a front mid-mount position. The new weight balance will enhance sliding characteristics of the chassis. The conversion kit also includes a number of nice shiny blue aluminum motor mount, spacers, Suzuki style steering cranks and many more stylish aluminum parts. All these parts are carefully designed and developed to enhance both performance and style. This is a very good upgrade for anyone looking to give their aging Drift Package a new life. It would also make a great upgrade for anyone seeking that next step high end drift chassis, why not upgrade something that you are already familiar with? Check it out today!

This conversion kit will be available in September of 2011 at an approximate cost of ¥23500/€213EUR.

  • Positioning of motors and servo have been redesigned for a super low center of gravity
  • New aluminum steering cranks are designed for parallel steering geometry
  • Optional Active Hobby Universal Driveshafts will increase the steering angle to 50°
  • New 2.5mm carbon fiber center brace eliminates the need for an upper deck
  • Improved traction due to lower center of gravity
  • Improved chassis rigidity around pitching axis; chassis rigidity can be adjusted
  • New center brace is mounted to aluminum motor mount for added rigidity
  • Aluminum motor mount has been designed for superior cooling and ease of maintenance
  • New motor mount design allows for use of larger spur gear, also easy adjustments and maintenance
  • Symmetrically designed carbon main chassis for consistent roll characteristics
  • Chassis roll can be adjusted by removing carbon deck
  • Designed for Li-Po use with stylish carbon battery holders for function and style
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    2.5mm Carbon main chassis
    2.0mm Carbon deck
    2.5mm Carbon center brace quick battery holder & plate
    Aluminum parallel geometry steering wiper set
    Aluminum motor mount
    Aluminum center drive-shaft spur gear holder
    Aluminum alloy servo linkage
    Aluminum supports parts
    Aluminum center brace post
    Aluminum post and spacer balls
    Hex input shaft rod ends
    Stainless steel shims
    Aluminum Hex screw supplied with blue anodized finish

    Option Parts:

    Active Hobby has followed this chassis with a full lineup of option parts. All designed to provide added function to your already optimized RC drift chassis. Check out the full lineup of option parts!
    Reverse One-Way Unit (for midship conversion only, due to motor rotation)

    Carbon Side Braces
    2.5mm thick carbon side braces for better rigidity, ideal for high traction surfaces.

    Aluminum Steering Knuckles
    New steering knuckles with modified design for more than 50° of steering angle when used with Active Wide Angle Universal driveshafts.

    Center One-Way Unit
    Center One-Way unit for use only with Midship Conversion kit 2.
    Active hobby center one way for rc drift
    Cooling Fan Attachment
    Newly designed cooling fan holder to aid with better heat dissapation.

    Aluminum Brace Supports
    Additional aluminum brace supports for the front and rear bulkhead area for increased rigidity. This is especially helpful with high traction surfaces; chassis rigidity can be adjusted by the 4 rear riser posts.

    Universal Rear Toe Arm Set
    This is an upgrade for the Type-C Drift package. The rear toe is now easily adjustable with stylish toe arms.

    Source: Active Hobby Japan

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    1. there two length of Active Wide Angle Universal driveshafts, which one should I use for the Steering Knuckles

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