Active Hobby Counter Gears for Yokomo DP

Active Hobby has released Stage 2 countersteer (CS) gears for the Yokomo Drift Package. Counter steer gears for shaft driven RC Drift cars are very rare, and Active is one of the few companies that still manufacture them. If you are running a Yokomo Drift Package and are seeking more CS ratio, then this is the kit for  you. The Active Hobby Stage 1 CS gears only yield a mild CS ratio of 1.30. The addition of the Stage 2 gears will boost the CS ratio to approximately 1.83! This is worth checking out for any Yokomo Drift Package owners.

STR-066 – Active Hobby Stage 1 Counter Drift Kit:
(Rear gear for Ball Diff)
20T Bevel
36T Ring
STR-066 – Active Hobby Stage 1S Counter Drift Kit:
(Rear gear for Spool only)
20T Bevel
36T Ring

STR-067D – Stage 2 Counter Drift Kit:
(Front for Ball Diff)
13T Bevel Pinion Gear
43T Ring Gear
(Machined from Delrin)
Source: Active Hobby Japan

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