Active Hobby Countersteer Kit for Tamiya TT-01 Chassis

Active Hobby Japan was one of the first to produce a countersteer CS modified kit for the Tamiya TT-01 chassis. These TT-01 CS gears are always in high demand and often out of stock! Active Hobby has finally release another re-stock to all of their distributors, so if you have been looking and unable to find them, now is your chance.

This gear set is great for any beginner looking to start their path down the countersteer modified drifters category. These new CS gears will provide a ratio of 1:1.44 (44% rear overdrive), just enough to get started into countersteer drift RC.
Active Hobby TT-01 CS kit includes a rear spool axle but utilizes stock TT-01 out-drives. This means that you can use your old dog-bones without changing the entire assembly to universal drive-shafts. Active Hobby also sells all these gears separately in case you have a problem and strip one of the gears.
STR077 – Active Hobby TT-01 1.44 Countersteer gears kit include:
20T and 36T bevel gear
Solid axle/Rear spool axle
Approximate MSRP: ¥2800JPY
STR079 – Spare gears set for solid axle ¥1600
Spare 20T and 36T bevel gear
STR0791 – Spare 36T for solid axle ¥800JPY
STR0792 – Spare 20T ¥800JPY
Personally we have used this gear in our old TT-01 and it is very important that during install everything is shimmed properly. We highly recommend that you take your time installing this and ensuring a proper gear meshing before using it. Also after one run, open up the gearbox and check to make sure everything is still proper.
Source: Active Hobby Japan

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